News from Town Hall

As we enter the winter holiday season, let us express our thanks to the many town employees, staff, and volunteers who work to make this season joyful and bright. Read on for news and upcoming events from various departments at Granby Town Hall.

Drummer writers again honored by press club

Proudly exhibiting their award certificates from the Connecticut Press Association for pieces they wrote that appeared in 2022 issues of The Granby Drummer are, from left, Skip Mission, Shirley Murtha, Patricia Brandon, Jennifer Benson and Mark Fiorentino.

Granby Ambulance Association’s fall fundraiser takes off

The Granby Ambulance Association (GAA) hosted its annual fall fundraising event at the New England Air Museum in October. The event drew supporters from across the area to raise essential funds for emergency medical services (EMS) in the towns of Granby, East Granby and East Hartland.

Granby’s police are appreciated

Granby Stop & Shop presented Officer Nicole with a cake to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of members of the Granby Police Department.

Electric vehicles and unintended consequences

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hailed as a sustainable solution to reduce environmental impact by reducing emissions from traditional fossil fuel-powered cars. However, the production of EVs is not without its environmental challenges.

Parents are the guardians of our future government

Things, especially education, that affect and influence us in our childhood shape the kind of adult we turn out to be. And so, as in nature, children are a product of their environment as in the expression “as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined.”