Granby Library Association 1869–2019

The Granby Library Association is a unique organization. It has operated and then supported a public library in Granby for 150 years, although it is a private organization.

Myron Graham Esq., Part 3

Many former ministers of the West Granby Methodist Church wrote to Myron, remembering and thanking him for his help and kindness.

Myron Graham Esq., Part 1

The Salmon Brook Historical Society recently received several boxes of family documents collected by the late Carol Guy Barnes. They were saved and donated by a cousin, Thomas Forsyth, after the death of Carol’s husband, Byron “Biker” Barnes.

1830s Star Quilt inspires reproduction

Come to see the old and the new. For the last seven years quilters from the Salmon Brook Historical Society and the Granby area have been working on replicating a circa 1830s Eight-Pointed Star quilt from the Salmon Brook Historical Society’s quilt collection.