DTC Events

The Granby Democratic Town Committee is planning two events. Visit the website, granbydems.org, or the Facebook page, facebook.com/GranbyDemocraticTownCommittee, for more information or to register.

Town of Granby Meeting Calendar

Check Town of Granby website or call Town Manager’s office to verify date and time, and get information on how to particpate on Zoom, if needed.

Take a Stroll Through History

In this time of the pandemic, the Salmon Brook Historical Society has found a way to stay outdoors while sharing Granby’s history. Stroll Through Granby History is an opportunity to both walk and learn while being appropriately distanced from each other because it is all done outside.

East Granby Public Library Events

As the pandemic has caused us to rethink our daily routines, the library is happy to host a virtual book club that meets via Zoom the last Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m.

20th Annual Empty Bowls Drive-Thru!

The Empty Bowls Fundraiser has a 2020 drive-thru twist. Join Expressions Pottery Workshop, the Women’s Club of East Granby and Friend to Friend for the 20th Annual Empty Bowls (drive-thru) fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 24, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.

Flu Clinics

The Farmington Valley Visiting Nurse Association has public flu clinics throughout the valley. Both the high dose for adults over age 65 and regular doses will be available for adults and children over nine years.