The Blue Jays

They know what time I get up, and each morning they wait in the trees by the back door for me to toss them some crumbled bread. Then, they call to their family and friends to come and get some breakfast, too.

Good Company Theater hosts puppetry workshop at Lost Acres Orchard

In early July a group of young puppeteers gathered at Lost Acres Orchard to beat the heat with penguins. Guided by Granby’s uniquely talented, always energetic Audrey Laird, the children each built icebergs from cardboard, paint, and tissue paper, and crafted a personal, highly decorated penguin puppet to use in a performance for family and friends.

Bruce Porter Memorial Music Series begins seventh season

The seventh season of the Bruce Porter Memorial Music Series will open on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, at 4 p.m. at South Congregational Church, 242 Salmon Brook St, Granby, CT, with an exciting concert by saxophonist Tony Gibbs and pianist Benita Rose appearing as The Rose-Gibbs Duo.

What’s for Supper?

It’s a question we are all faced with daily. Whether the choice is what to make or what restaurant to go to, we all have to answer this question 365 nights a year!

Granby Artists Association enters new phase

The Granby Artists Association has been through its share of changes in the past 17 years and is excited to be shifting its approach to fostering the visual arts. Over the years, with the enthusiastic support of the Granby community, members of Granby Artists have taught and demonstrated, while hosting family art days, community art projects, exhibits, holiday gift shows, and 16 open studio tours.

Busy summer for Marquis of Granby

The Marquis of Granby Ancient Junior Fyfe and Drum Corps has a very busy summer planned. The kids have already performed in several parades and community events since the arrival of warm weather.