Summer Memories

When I was a little girl, most homes and cars didn’t have air conditioning. On a hot summer’s day, the best way to cool off was to go the beach and swim in the ocean waves.

A June Day

Birds sing their summer songs at dawn and awaken me to an inviting morning.
Flowers of a myriad of colors welcome me outdoors to join them.

Morning Greeter

Softly with us as we walk along
Beckoning quietly the early dawn
Carefully viewing our passage by
Announcing our presence with its graceful cry.

Kate Emery’s art show to benefit Holcomb Farm

The Land That Feeds Us: Body, Mind and Soul is the theme of an exhibition of oil paintings by Farmington-based artist Kate Emery that will be on view at Lost Acres Vineyard in North Granby from April 29 through May 30.

Remembering My Mother

As I remember my mother on Mother’s Day, I think of all she taught me by her actions.

The Forsythia’s Endurance

Throughout the long winter months, I’ve waited for spring and for my beloved forsythia to blossom again.

Art award presented

Susan Patricelli Regan, president of the Sylvia Davis Fine Arts Scholarship Foundation, virtually presented its award in the Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards ceremony on Feb. 12.