Back in the Day and the Family Doctor

As a child, my family only went to the doctor when we were really ill. For financial reasons, most common problems were treated at home — for a sore throat, gargling with salt and water; for sprains, soaking in warm water and Epsom salt; for colds and coughs, Vicks VapoRub, honey, and cough syrup from the drug store (sometimes prescribed by the doctor); for cuts and scrapes, peroxide.

Art exhibit open to public

Granby artist Alexander Anisimov invites the public to An Exhibition of Things Called Art, at 2 Park Place Gallery in Granby center.

Childhood Memories of Spring

When I was a little girl, I knew it was spring when I no longer had to wear my snow pants and red rubber boots or brown rubbers. It felt glorious! Soon, I knew, I would see the robins returning.

Local artist’s work on display in Old Lyme

Granby Oak, an oil painting by Granby Artists Association member Alexander Anisimov, is on display in the historical Old Lyme Art Association gallery through March 14. View online or visit in person, free to the public.

My Birds

Although it’s snowed heavily in the night and still is snowing this morning, my brave and faithful birds arrive looking for their seeds.

Farmington Valley Chorale opens new virtual season

Since choral singers world-wide are prevented by the pandemic from gathering in person, the Farmington Valley Chorale will again host a virtual season with a multi-faceted program that will provide new opportunities for singers to engage with music making and learning.

Granby artist exhibits in center

Granby Artist Association member Alexander Anisimov is showing his work in Art in a Time of Corona, at 2 Park Place Art Gallery through March 14. The show is free and open to the public by appointment only.

The Little Christmas Tree

I think back in my memories to my first Christmas as a wife and young mother. Our income was just above the poverty level (by ten dollars), but we were blessed by the church with a big turkey with all the trimmings, and a basket full of canned goods and basic staples to last quite a while.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The fields were harvested. The pumpkin pies have been baked, and in the oven, the turkey roasts to a crisp, golden brown.

Chorale to offer a free streamed event

On Sunday, Nov. 15, the Farmington Valley Chorale continues its 50th Anniversary year of celebration with a free event, streamed live, featuring Dr. Ellen Gilson Voth, artistic director, in conversation with Professor Kathy Saltzman Romey, director of the Minnesota Chorale.