Granby Community Fund needs your help

As I, once again, sit at my kitchen table sending thank you notes to the Granby Community Fund contributors, I’m always thrilled by the community members who year after year make a donation and am even more excited when a neighbor or business donates for the first time. Nearly 5,000 requests are mailed out each year resulting in approximately 500 donations from our community, both residential and business.

College Highway Roundabout

With the State of Connecticut facing a proposed 2 and 2.6 billion dollar deficit budget for the next two years at least, it behooves all of the state agencies, especially the DOT, to pay special attention to state spending. With that thought in mind, the best thing that we can do for the College Highway (Route 10 and 202), Notch Road and East Street proposed roundabout is to cancel the project all together.

Veterans’ tribute concert

I wish to thank the Granby Senior Center, especially Lori Blackburn, and the Valley Brook Community Church for the special veterans’ tribute concert featuring the Governor’s Foot Guard Band on Nov. 8.

Support for Simanski

As a Granby and Connecticut taxpayer, I am writing to show my support for the re-election of Bill Simanski as our State Representative. He has worked hard for us for many years, first on Granby’s Board of Selectmen, including eight years as our First Selectman, and most recently as our representative in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Support for Simanski

As a former life-long Democrat, I’m endorsing Bill Simanski for Representative of the 62nd District. This decision is based on many factors: Mr. Simanski’s in-depth working knowledge of the political system, proven diplomacy, his honesty and transparency.

Support for Webster

I am writing in support of Amanda Webster’s campaign as our new representative of the 62nd District to the Connecticut House of Representatives. As a 40-something lawyer, I was initially hesitant to support Amanda in her campaign, and I confess I judged her purely on age.

Granby schools NOT in decline

After reading Kim Becker’s October letter to the editor, I must make a number of comments in support of the Granby Public School System. In her letter, she states that “Granby schools are not stagnant; they are in full decline.” Ms. Becker bases this opinion statement solely on the recent standardized test scores, namely, the SBAC and the SAT.