Thank You, Granby!

I thank the residents of Granby for all of their support during my seven years as the Director of Recreation and Leisure Services for the Town of Granby. I will be leaving my position here at the end of June and I will take with me many wonderful memories of special events such the Flashlight Egg Hunts and Trunk or Treat at SBP and the popular Comedy Nights at the Holcomb Farm North Barn Pavilion.

Food Bank benefits

The Farmington Valley VNA Granby Food Bank staff and volunteers want to express their appreciation to Granby Public Works for its efforts in conducting the May 22–24 Fill-A-Truck event. The Food Bank received 75 bags and boxes of items, overflowing its collection area.

Pick up after your dog!

We recently tried to take our grandchildren fishing at Christensen’s Pond on Wells Road, a beautiful place where adults and children are welcome to walk and fish. Because of irresponsible, lazy dog owners, the pond’s shore and approach were littered with piles of dog feces.

East Street Decision

I am angry and extremely disappointed with the actions of both the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen regarding the property at 107 East Street. Please note that this anger is not directed at either the Vaughan or the Hayes families, who have both been subject to false accusations and animosity.

East Street Decision

There is only one way to move forward with respect to the broken RFP process regarding 107 East Street. The Board of Selectmen must invite Westmeadow Farm back to the RFP process and confirm that from this point on, the procedure will be governed by fairness.  At that point, Westmeadow’s proposal should go to a Town vote.

Support for Webster

As an “experienced” voter in Granby, I have consistently noted the lack of candidates for state office on our ballots. Amanda Webster plans to change that in November.

Support for Webster

It has been a privilege to watch Amanda Webster as a candidate for Connecticut’s District 62 representative. She has shown commitment to meeting with, talking with, and understanding the residents of the four towns she hopes to represent.

Appreciation for art display

The Painting Study Group would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the Granby Library for allowing us to display our artwork at the main library for the month of February. We appreciate the opportunity to share our art with the greater Granby community.

Don’t sell East Street farmland

I urge townspeople to ask the town not to sell our land at 107 East Street—the Evonsion farm. The Selectmen are debating doing that, along with selling the development rights to the State.

Support for candidate

I am exceptionally proud to offer my support to Valerie Eastwood, Democratic candidate for the CT 62nd Congressional District, and here’s why:

Valerie has a strong professional background. As an attorney with specific experience in tax law, health care law, and the complicated intersection of Federal versus State laws, she is ready to write effective legislation on day one.