Why we need an updated emergency services radio system

his year’s annual budget referendum, town residents will be asked to approve the transfer of $4.6M from the general fund to a special fund for the Town Radio Systems Improvement Project. All the emergency services — Granby Police Department (GPD), Granby Ambulance Association (GAA), Lost Acres Fire Department (LAFD), Granby Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT) — are asking for your approval for this critical upgrade to our emergency services infrastructure. If approved, this will start a long-overdue, two-year project.

Targeting state legislators during the election season

ate Treasurer Erick Russell recently penned an op-ed in the Hartford Courant calling out Reps. Mark Anderson of Granby, Anne Dauphinais of Killingly, Joe Hoxha of Bristol, Brian Lanoue of Griswold and Donna Veach of Southington for supporting proposed legislation “targeting” transgender children—bills that call for parental notification and maintaining same-sex sports participation.

Wake Up Granby!

Dear fellow residents of Granby. The time has come for everyone to stand up for all that this town offers: open spaces, scenic rivers and streams, a park, lands for agricultural products, professional services, and lots of good restaurants, just to name a few.

A Conversation Piece

Enigmas are things or people that baffle us like a puzzle or riddle that we struggle to solve. One enigma is the mix of good and evil in our day. It seems like the cycle of history yet again repeats itself.


In the December issue’s letters, Deb Roe suggested that those interested in less aircraft noise and cleaner air for Granby should contact her. Roe has updated her email address to GranbySky@gmail.com

Electric vehicles and unintended consequences

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hailed as a sustainable solution to reduce environmental impact by reducing emissions from traditional fossil fuel-powered cars. However, the production of EVs is not without its environmental challenges.