Granby Racial Reconciliation

The Granby Racial Reconciliation (GRR) Board of Directors would like to clarify a March 2022 Drummer article submitted by one of its task teams.

Granby Ambulance Association

This past January, I had the misfortune of falling in my home early one evening. This was not my first fall at home and each occasion has resulted in a 911 call to secure assistance in getting back up.

Affordable Housing Plan needs to pause

Granby’s recently appointed Town Manager, Erica Robertson, wrote in the March edition of the Drummer: “My staff and I will have a road map for getting Granby to where we want to be in the future.” I understand that there has been some controversy on social media as to what was meant by Robertson’s statement.

Thanks, Drummer!

To the many staff, volunteers and workers who make The Granby Drummer possible, my mother Shirley Hahn and I extend our heartfelt thanks for all you do to make the Drummer possible.

Thank you, Granby Community Fund

As mask mandates decrease and we hear less discussion surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a false sense that all is well—for everyone.

Affordable Housing

Appearing on the first page of the March 2022 edition of the Drummer was an article entitled: Granby answers state call for Affordable Housing Plans. The name(s) of the author(s) are missing.

Federal funding for cultivated meat research

With China including cultivated meat in its latest five-year agricultural plan, the United States should make sure it isn’t left behind by not investing heavily into cellular-agriculture development.

Affordable housing plan needs a closer look

Connecticut’s Section 8 statute has been equitable in providing low-income families with rent and affordable housing. We do not need section 8 30-J or G, Public Act 21-29 (aka House Bill 6107).

Thank you for the memories

Thanks to a friend I received the article in your February edition about cutting ice years ago. It referred to an article by Carol Laun where she interviewed Leon L. Gilbert about that.

A warm thank you

We’ve hunkered down while Winter Storm Bobby breezed through, and we’ve gone from icy to muddy—but it seems like spring is not far off. It’s a perfect time for the Granby Community Fund to acknowledge with gratitude the wonderful generosity of our townspeople.