Granby Girls Volleyball team has outstanding season

Each fall inside the Granby Memorial High School gymnasiums, the athleticism and grit of the female volleyball student-athletes are showcased. On average, 40 players span the freshman, junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams each season.

Granby Horse Council Scholarship

The Granby Horse Council Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for 2022. The $500 scholarship is awarded to a senior student enrolled in their current high school program for at least two years.


Jennifer Parsons provided updates including that as part of professional learning, a math consultant was in the district and trained middle school math teachers, support staff and the administrative team. There have been four COVID cases in the schools, all were impacted by community events.

Opening The Den

As the dog days of summer dwindled down and became the crisp, cool mornings known as the signs of autumn’s imminence, it was only a matter of time before classic yellow buses navigated the streets lined with eager school-goers. For it was that time of year again, the annual return to school in Granby.