Rejuvenating the Grange

The Granby Grange #5 last reorganized in 1926 and has served the community and region with impactful service during those 96 years, while providing a fraternal organization for residents and businesses interested in promoting agriculture, conservation, and small-town living.

Robins in the winter?!

Hikers on Holcomb Farm’s Tree Trail pass a large kiosk on their way up the initial hill. The kiosk’s front side has a map of the trails; the back side has seasonal information on trees, biological processes and birds. The new bird information that went up this month is about robins that we see in Granby during the winter.

Granby Land Trust

The Granby Land Trust, working with community partners and supported by a vibrant membership, preserved 320 acres in Granby this year, including the acquisition of a conservation easement on the majority of the historic and environmentally important Holcomb Farm Property.

Celebrating spinach!

You haven’t tasted spinach until you’ve tasted Holcomb Farm spinach.

Friends of Holcomb Farm

You may think things are quiet at Holcomb Farm in the winter months, but you would be wrong. While the fields rest under the ice and snow, our farm crew is busy harvesting and distributing the winter crop.

Farm chores pave the way for Holcomb Farm worker’s future career

Although she wasn’t born here, Holcomb Farm employee Michelle Dingivan’s childhood memories were set in Granby, for she was only three years old when her family moved here from Hluboka, Czechia. One of those early memories was a third-grade field trip to what was then the educational center at the Farm.