Ongoing Stewardship of this Magnificent Farm

Developing and maintaining the views at Holcomb Farm—especially the views from the land east of Simsbury Road, looking back over the Farm toward Broad Hill—is a never-ending task for the Friends, led by our Stewardship committee and many volunteers.

Music to his ears

Alyssa Hall’s harp music enthralls Smoke, one of the equines at Angel Horses during the annual Open Farm Day Sept. 17.

Friends of Granby Wildflower Meadow announce seed sale

Driving down Route 10/202 south of town center takes you past the new Granby Wildflower Meadow (GWM)across from Maple View Farm. You will see a section filled with little flags which indicate where plant plugs were placed by community effort in June.

Open Farm Day

Photos from the event held on – September 17, 2022

Got Compost?

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Friends of Holcomb Farm

In June, the Friends hosted a special celebration in honor of our Fresh Access program. A family-friendly event at the farm, with Sunday Brunch catered by Clark Farms, drew a sold-out 125+ people to enjoy the iconic setting.