Garden-Variety Invasive Plants

Many of the state’s most serious invasive plants appear in home gardens as well as the open areas they rapidly dominate. Garlic mustard, multiflora rose, Asiatic bittersweet, Japanese barberry, Japanese knotweed and mugwort pop up and should be pulled by the roots when young.

Friends of Holcomb Farm

2021 marks the 28th year since the creation of the Friends of Holcomb Farm. Formed shortly after ownership of the property transitioned from the University of Connecticut to the Town of Granby—per the will of siblings Tudor and Laura Holcomb—the volunteer, not-for-profit Friends have stewarded the property on behalf of the town, and within the Board of Selectman-adopted “Plan of Use,” which outlined agriculture, education, arts, and passive recreation purposes.

Awesome Mango Salsa

This month I am going to share one of my favorite recipes—it’s not exactly a typical “dinner,” but if you have ever had just chips and salsa for dinner or you just want to be a hit at the next party, then this one is for you.

It started with working in the fields; Brittany Gauthier’s experience at Holcomb Farm

Farmington native Brittany Gauthier wanted to experience what it would be like to work on a farm, to be directly involved with the food she ate. A history of farming on her mother’s side of the family and her early career as an educator for Whole Foods Market had given rise to this curiosity, although it took her a few years to actually get her hands in the soil.

Five-Year Farm Business Plan Complete

Tons of volunteer time from board members Donna Snyder, Rocky Piccirillo and others, as well as some consulting support funded through a State grant, have helped the Friends of Holcomb Farm complete a Five-Year Business Plan for our farming operations at Holcomb Farm.

Emma’s little orchard

Being the partner of farmer Joe O’Grady, Emma Hoyt is well aware of the goings on around Holcomb Farm. Last year, in fact, the Drummer published a story about her mobile chicken coop and its productive occupants who are now laying lots of eggs and eating lots of insect pests in the growing fields.

Tree Trail Continues to Grow

Now entering its third year of development, the Holcomb Farm Tree Trail is really taking shape. The entrance, off Day St. South near its intersection with Simsbury Road, will soon host an information kiosk, and more interpretive signs and maps are planned.

In Memoriam

The Friends want to acknowledge the recent passing of our friend and neighbor, Charlie Warren. Charlie and his wife were known for many things; for us, they were Santa and Mrs. Claus around the large Christmas Tree in front of the Farm, for years.