Granby Land Trust

Dedicated Granby Land Trust board member John Weeks and his wife, Christine Chinni, led the GLT’s annual bird walks on the Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve on Mother’s Day Weekend, introducing sold out crowds to the wonders of the spring bird migration on this spectacular property.

Stopping mosquitoes before they hatch

Ahhh, spring is here! The deck and patio furniture are set up, the grill is ready to fire, and the garden’s perennials are waking from their winter slumber. As I’m basking in warm sunshine, listening to songbirds, and planning my next spring cleanup task, I hear that dreaded sound that ruins even the most tranquil outdoor moment: the buzzzzzzz of a blood-sucking mosquito!

Ask your Friendly Farmer

Dear Friendly Farmer,
I sent my husband to the local pet store to get some dog food in Mid-March and he came home with six fluffy and adorable baby chicks. We thought they were all hens, but one has started to crow! How do I find a new home for this rooster before my neighbors want to kill me? Help!

The Garlic Farm: Moving forward, while looking back

More than three decades ago, long before the term organic entered the popular lexicon, The Garlic Farm opened in West Granby. Over the years it transformed from a small weekend farm stand to a full-time operation offering dozens of vegetables as well as a community share program.

May hikes can bring renewal—and dinner

Ah, May—the month of renewal. The spring season advances and every new dawn feels like a re-awakening of life. Wildflowers are part of the rhythm of the seasons, each species with its own bloom time.

Ask your Friendly Farmer

I recently moved to a town with many more farms than we’ve ever lived near before. I’m used to shopping in the grocery store and usually look for organic when I can afford it. Now I’ll be looking for farmer’s markets or farm stores to shop in during the growing season, but I’m nervous. How do I go about finding these places? Will they have all the stuff I need?