Health District releases community health assessment

The Farmington Valley Health District (FVHD) is the local health department that serves the town of Granby. It has recently released a community health assessment which uses data from more than 20 different sources to describe the health status of the population of  Farmington Valley.

Long-time election moderators honored

A Poll Worker Thank You Afternoon Tea party was held on Feb. 8 to honor long-time election Moderators Diane Hernsdorf and Patty Sansone. Poll workers from the 2022 election and Town Hall employees gathered to thank them for their years of service.

Triggers for high blood sugar and prediabetes

Many of us are hearing that our blood sugar levels are in the pre-diabetes level. Often, we shrug it off, but we should not. Prediabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes.

80-year-old Granby resident walking 400 miles in honor of ancestor

In the summer of 1993, 51-year-old George Gill Ducharme received a letter from his aunt, Lauretta, that changed his identity, his understanding of family, and the course of his life. The letter confirmed rumors centering around George’s 5th great-grandfather, Samuel Joseph Gill, that had swirled around family reunions since his boyhood.

Wells Road teachers lead by example

At Wells Road Intermediate School, we are always talking about being kind and helping people when they need it, so it’s good to see the teachers leading by example. That is exactly what teachers Rob Faber and Sarah Warner did in response to the Ofsuryk family’s loss.