Vigil for Racial Justice

A vigil was held in late spring on Granby’s green in memory of George Floyd. Sponsored by Granby Racial Reconciliation, this was one of many opportunities the group provided to foster racial justice.

Granby Congregational churches share vision for future

First and South Congregational churches have a long history in Granby and are now collaborating to potentially write a new chapter. What is known as First Church was established in 1736 as the Salmon Brook Society, and originally met in the home of Daniel Hayes.

Katan-Ensor Preserve opens

On a picture-perfect summer day (July 31), the Granby Land Trust officially opened its Katan-Ensor and Old Messenger Road Preserves in West Granby. About 30 GLT members gathered for a seminal hike through the Katan-Ensor, Schlicht, and Garmany Preserves.

Memorial for Susan Heminway (1936–2020)

Susan Gordon Calhoun Heminway, 83, died at home February 6, 2020 of complications from Parkinson’s Disease. Sue was a strong supporter of Granby and its citizens.

Barred owl repeat visitor to Granby home

Marty Wilmot took this photo in late July when she saw a large bird flying low across the back lawn. She thought it might be a hawk but then it landed on a large rock in a small pond and stayed for quite a while, possibly looking for frogs. 

Emerald Springs Equine Services up and running

The horse farm at 31 Wells Road has sprung back to life as a non-profit organization whose mission is to help traumatized individuals, such as veterans, front-line workers and the grief-stricken, to deal with their trauma. Its title, Emerald Springs Equine Services, tells you that horses are an integral part of this process, but not in the way you might be thinking.