Think safety first when buying or installing a woodstove

It is the time of year when homeowners are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. Wood-burning stoves can be a way to lower fuel costs and aid in heating a residence.

West Granby United Methodist Church closes

The West Granby United Methodist Church closed on October 31, 2021, due to a variety of factors including the COVID pandemic reducing the number of members attending, roof issues, expensive electric heat, and financial constraints.

Good news for Granby birds

On the morning of Nov. 13, from left, John Spatcher, Drake Klotzman, Jay Martin and Paul Keary filled the cars and trucks waiting to pick up a wide variety of birdseed that had been ordered from the Granby Lions Club a few weeks earlier.

Health Notes

Caring for a loved one can bring incredible rewards—both physical and emotional. Caregiving roles take on countless shapes and forms. It can be assisting older adults, the ill, and disabled friends and family members, and every day help in small and big tasks.

South Church receives duck eggs

Susan and Bill Regan of Foxfield Farm donate fresh, free-range duck eggs on a regular basis to the South Congregational Church for meals and distribution to those in need in the community. L-R: Susan Patricelli Regan and South Congregational Church volunteers Sandra Flagg, David Langdon and Lenny Bergeron.


The Granby chapter of UNICO—the nation’s largest Italian-American service organization—inducted its new officers at a recent chapter meeting.

Making the 9-1-1 call

Calling 911 for a medical emergency can be stressful for the patient, the family members or the bystanders who want to help during a chaotic time. While there are occasions when calling 911 is the right call to make—such as a fall that leaves someone unconscious, an overdose of prescription medications or illicit substances, uncontrolled bleeding, or trouble breathing— there are times when it might not be so obvious.

Christmas Memories

When I think back to my memories of childhood Christmases so many years ago, I see the tree my father and I decorated on Christmas Eve. It stood in its familiar corner of the living room with its blue lights sparkling, its silver tinsel lovingly hanging on its branches, its bright gold, silver, red, and green balls in just the right spots, and its golden topper like a crown.