Letters to the Editor

Help CT corporate taxes benefit Granby, Book Sale was success!, Embracing Our Agrarian Roots, and Lack of Parent Engagement at BOE Meetings 

Heart and Soul of the Garlic Farm

The May issue of the Drummer contained a very nice article about Granby’s Garlic Farm, but one important piece was missing! There was not a mention of the person who originated the now-famous spot for garlic and other wonderful produce: Gary Cirullo!

Leash your dog on GLT properties

Ever since it opened to the public in October 2020, the Granby Land Trust’s Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve has been, well, wildly popular with Granby residents, as well as with visitors from out of town, and even from out of state.

The night sky as a wild place

I don’t know about you, but when I step out of my house or car at night, the first thing I do is look up. It is almost instinctual to gaze skyward and take notice of what is happening in the atmosphere. But even more importantly, I want to see the stars—to witness the bright pinpricks of light against the dark sky, taking note of constellations, looking for planets and hoping for a shooting star.