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2023-2024 Publishing Schedule

IssueAd DeadlineCopy/Photo
To PrinterPublish Date
Sept. 2023Aug. 7Aug. 14Aug. 19Aug. 25
Oct. 2023Sep. 11Sep. 18Sep. 24Sep. 30
Nov. 2023Oct. 9Oct. 16Oct. 22Oct. 28
Dec. 2023Nov. 6Nov. 13Nov. 19Nov. 27
(no January Issue)
Feb. 2024Jan. 8Jan. 16Jan. 21Jan. 27
Mar. 2024Feb. 12Feb. 20Feb. 25Mar. 3
Apr. 2024Mar. 11Mar. 18Mar. 24Mar. 30
Budget 24-25Apr. 1Apr. 5Apr. 10
May 2024Apr. 8Apr. 15Apr. 21Apr. 27
June 2024May 6May 13May 19May 25
July/Aug. 2024June 10June 17June 23June 29
(no August Issue)
Sep. 2024Aug. 12Aug. 19Aug. 25Aug. 31
Oct. 2024Sep. 9Sep. 16Sep. 22Sep. 28
Nov. 2024Oct. 7Oct. 14Oct. 20Oct. 26
Dec. 2024Nov. 11Nov. 18Nov. 24 Nov. 30