Preparing for when the other shoe drops …

Life has been very different—if not surreal—for all of us through this initial pass of the pandemic. It locked us down in our homes to varying degrees, is impacting our family incomes just as erratically with some making more not working than when they were working, while others have seen their income reduced or totally dried up.


On A Motion by Sally King, seconded by Mark Neumann, the board voted (5-0-0) to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 4 with the correction by Neumann of section VIII, to read: Selectman Neumann, Republican Town Committee member not chairman, as stated in the minutes.

Support GCF

I learned about the Granby Community Fund from a co-worker who was a member and resided in Granby as I did. After attending a meeting and hearing about the work and commitment of the members to raise funds for community organizations in one annual campaign, I became a member!