Democratic Town Committee Statement in Support of Social Justice and Call for Action

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We are at a crucial revolutionary moment in history following the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, among countless others. It is a rare and pivotal moment that presents an opportunity for sweeping and indelible transformation across our town and the nation to finally and boldly acknowledge that Black Lives Matter. This is an opportunity that will not be lost. 

The Granby DTC is committed more than ever to work and advance real, structural change to combat 400 years of systemic racism. One of the primary methods we are working to initiate this change is by engaging local government and faith leaders to immediately open lines of communication with the community to listen to the concerns of our black and brown neighbors, and find a way to provide an enduring clear and direct place where issues and concerns may be immediately communicated, addressed and then resolved. Local government and other town and state leaders must be fully engaged and committed to this process as we work to find genuine long-term solutions. Fundamental change must occur at the local level to truly take shape and we are committed to finding ways to make that essential fundamental change happen.

As a predominantly white town, it is incumbent upon us to make a strong and concerted effort to listen to our neighbors of color and ensure they are given the same equality and respect that some have taken for granted for too long. We cannot prioritize one life over another because of the color of their skin. We will act not only against racism but as anti-racists, call out racism as we see it and find and provide opportunities within our town to educate against it.  The Granby DTC is not and will not be silent during this time and will work to move forward to affect changes to bring about and support the equity and freedoms that should have been there all along. 

Approved unanimously by the Granby Democratic Town Committee,

June 7, 2020

Fran Armentano, Dominica Benyi, Fran Brady, Matthew Brady, Daniel Chapple, Margaret Chapple, Chris Chinni, Vickie Dirienzo, Lynn Guelzow, Brian Hickey, Tannia Hotchkiss, Bill Kennedy, Sally King, Audrey Lambert, Robert Lesko, Celia Lofink, Jim Lofink, Monica Logan, Erik Lohr, Heather Lombardo, Saverio Mancini, Stephanie McGuire, Thomas McGuire, Fred Moffa, Len Murray, Dave Roberts, Ellen Thomson, Amanda Webster, Brandon Webster and Deborah Zanella