Sleep habits and your weight

Going into the holiday season, we often start worrying about weight gain from all the delicious meals, desserts, and celebrations. One thing we often overlook is to try to get more sleep. Too little sleep appears to impact your hunger, dietary choices, and, ultimately, your weight.

A last glimpse of fall

Rob Flanigan captured this stunning drone photo of sunset over Granby Center on Nov. 1, before the rich autumn colors faded away.

Winter Hints

Winter storms and the resulting snow removal can be a challenge for all Granby residents. We do our best to keep the roads passable and safe. Please note these suggestions, ordinances and rules to ensure a safe winter season for all.

Happy birds in Granby! 

On Nov. 5, the Granby Lions distributed almost 5,000 pounds of birdseed to customers who pre-ordered from them over the prior few weeks.

Social Services

The focus of the Social Service Department is to coordinate existing federal, state, regional and local services, to increase community awareness of these services and to develop new programs to meet the needs of Granby residents.