A study in contrasts: Dana McSwain

If you’re lucky enough to have encountered Dana McSwain over the 18 months since she and her husband Winston moved from Cleveland to Granby, then you’ve been warmed by her radiant smile. Perhaps you’ve seen her walking Simon and Pippi, her standard poodle puppies.

A perfect fit: Philip Marshall

In its ideal form, serendipity is a reciprocal gift.
Such is the case with Philip Marshall, who has found “unsought treasures” since his arrival in Granby, a move that has benefited our town as well.

A delicate balancing act: Morgan Hubbard

Morgan Hubbard’s life is perfectly orchestrated by a master conductor, Hubbard herself, who is a natural at recognizing and taking advantage of life’s serendipitous opportunities.

Learning for life: Jennifer Kielbasa

Like many little girls, Jennifer Kielbasa grew up wanting to be just like her mother. But Jennifer took this desire farther than most. Her mother, Kerry Ann Kielbasa, served Granby for 25 years as director of human and senior services.

Fired up on life—John and Pat Horr

In the fall of 1982, while John Horr was studying electrical engineering at the University of Hartford, he met Pat Zavisza in an emergency response technician (EMT) class. Forty-one years later, the couple has two grown children, a young granddaughter, a passion for off-road vehicles—and a profound but quiet impact on the Granby community.