Jennifer Zinck

Professional genealogist, president of Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council; advanced instructor of Genealogical Research at Boston University

Bob Sparks

I was born in Torrington but grew up on my grandparent’s farm near Lake Champlain. My father was a musician and traveled often.

Ashley Longest

Granby Memorial High School Senior, Chorus president, 4H

Age: 17

Tell some things about your background…

My mom came from Canada and my dad from Manchester, Conn. I have lived in Granby my whole life.

Faye Bowles

Proprietor: Freshie’s Café, 83 Salmon Brook Street, Granby

Age: 52

Talk about your roots and how you got to this point in your life…

I grew up in Winsted, my father was an engineer and our family had a restaurant in the area. When I was quite young my dad gave each of my siblings and myself $100 and told us to invest it wisely so as to have some money for college.

Susan Orred

Director of Development  Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington CT

Age: 52

Talk about how you came to be working at Hill-Stead….  I grew up in Tariffville and now reside in Granby.