Health Notes

Caring for a loved one can bring incredible rewards—both physical and emotional. Caregiving roles take on countless shapes and forms. It can be assisting older adults, the ill, and disabled friends and family members, and every day help in small and big tasks.

Is there a link between alcohol and breast cancer?

Can as little as one alcoholic drink a day raise your breast cancer risk? Studies say yes. But does that mean you should steer clear of alcohol completely? And what about that glass of wine that’s supposed to be good for you?

Feeling woozy? Take note and take action

Woozy is a tricky word. We use it to describe many symptoms, such as light-headedness, weakness, confusion, instability, maybe even nausea, and feeling like a faint will occur.

COVID-19 immunizations available at home

The Farmington Valley Health District, in conjunction with the Farmington Valley Visiting Nurse Association, will provide COVID-19 vaccinations to any individual 18 years old and up who is unable to attend public clinics.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Just The Facts

Vaccines to prevent COVID-19 are currently the best hope for ending the pandemic. Knowing the benefits, how they work, possible side effects, and the importance of continued infection prevention steps is essential in this goal.

Sleep and Health

The amazing and somewhat sad reality is that the sleep industry is a $32 billion market, and we still aren’t sleeping. As a culture, we have become quite crazed with purchasing almost anything to help us sleep.