Fighting viruses this winter

The new year offers new beginnings, but unfortunately, it is also a peak period for the transmission of colds, flu, Covid and other respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses. This year the trifecta of respiratory illnesses is especially hitting Connecticut. Being inside more, in dry air, with the proximity of other people leads to more infections.

Sleep habits and your weight

Going into the holiday season, we often start worrying about weight gain from all the delicious meals, desserts, and celebrations. One thing we often overlook is to try to get more sleep. Too little sleep appears to impact your hunger, dietary choices, and, ultimately, your weight.

Healthy lifestyle may help to delay Alzheimer’s

As we go into the holiday season, there are many things to remember, prepare and do. No wonder we often start to doubt ourselves when we can’t find something or forget an appointment or special day. If we have had relatives with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, we start to be concerned.

What to do with expired/unused medicines

As you clean out a drawer or medicine cabinet, you may come upon prescribed medications that are expired or unused. Many times there are expired over-the-counter medicines or some we no longer use. How do you safely dispose of these unused medicines?

Lifestyle changes to improve memory and cognition

Exercise. Healthy diet. Socializing. How many times have we heard these behaviors affect cognitive functions? We find it easy to rationalize that the damage is done and nothing will make a difference, but health experts disagree.

Sleep is vital for good health

Sleep is vital to our general well-being, yet it can be elusive. Sleep is a biological necessity essential to health. The importance of good quality and quantity of sleep cannot be overlooked.

Health Notes

Caring for a loved one can bring incredible rewards—both physical and emotional. Caregiving roles take on countless shapes and forms. It can be assisting older adults, the ill, and disabled friends and family members, and every day help in small and big tasks.