A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a basic human need, like food, water and oxygen. We cannot decide to do without sleep any more than we can to choose to not eat, hydrate, or breathe. We spend one-third of our lives asleep; for the average adult that’s 26 years.

Palliative Care and Hospice What is the difference?

Medical language is almost a separate form of English. In a world of growing technology and informational systems, an entire conversation can occur that is loaded with acronyms and terms which are totally confusing.

Lyme Disease: ticks active in the fall

Even though cooler weather is here, the activity of ticks and the possibility of Lyme Disease remains. Raking leaves and fall yard clean ups present opportunities for you to come in contact with ticks.

Vaccines for Adults

It’s the time of year to get a flu shot to prevent us from getting sick this winter. This is true but there are several other vaccines that adults should get as well.

Skin cancer identification, treatment, prevention

As much as everyone loves the sunshine and long summer days at the beach, the sun is not always our friend. Combined with familial tendencies for skin cell mutations, the risks of skin cancer increase with sun exposure.

Identifying Worrisome Memory Loss

It is easy to find information in the newspaper or popular magazines about the incidence and devastating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. We also see TV commercials for medications that may help to slow the progression.