Long Term Care is high priority insurance

Susan Patricelli-Regan, host of CT Valley Views, again speaks with David Guttchen, director of Connecticut Long-Term Care Partnership, regarding the risks, costs and benefits of this vital insurance. Although there can be annual increases to premiums for coverage, the advantages are significant as it protects the individual’s assets and savings allowing the option of choosing assisted living or remaining in the home, contributing to the overall quality of life not only for the participant but the extended family.

CTVV: Harris is Democrat Connecticut gubernatorial candidate

Jonathan Harris, a lawyer, former state Consumer Protection Commissioner, former Mayor of West Hartford and a Democratic candidate for the 2018 Gubernatorial race spoke with Susan Patricelli-Regan, host of CT Valley Views to outline his view on what is needed to re-invigorate the State. Harris, who says on his website, “I’m the only candidate in this race who is the proven progressive problem solver.

VFW: No soldier left behind

Susan Patricelli-Regan interviews members of Metacomet Post 1926 U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars. In this important segment, all U.S. veterans and first responders reflect their earnest outreach and community-oriented mission.

Herbst Ready takes on Connecticut’s “Gold-Dome Culture”

Tim Herbst, a lawyer, former First Selectman of Trumbull and Republican candidate for the 2018 gubernatorial race, is on a mission to “root out waste, fraud and abuse at every level” of state government. In an interview with Susan Patricelli-Regan, Herbst stated that he will follow all Connecticut constitutional election protocol when the primary results are in and will not petition to continue if he does not qualify at the May GOP convention.

FOXFIELD F.A.R.M. connects with local VFWs

Foxfield For A Recovery Mission Foundation’s equine therapy program founders Susan Patricelli-Regan and Bill Regan have established a close working relationship with VFWs in Avon and Simsbury to meet the needs of U.S. military personnel who suffer from PTSD and related mental issues. In addition, their CT Valley Views cable program is supporting the VFW’s objective to encourage new membership by interviewing the respective Commandants as program guests.

CTVV- Upcoming interviews

Jonathan Harris, a lawyer, former mayor of West Hartford, State Senator and Dept. of Consumer Protection Commissioner provides his vision for Connecticut as a Democratic candidate for the 2018 gubernatorial race.

Toni Boucher (R): Exploratory candidate for governor

Toni Boucher has been a member of the Connecticut Senate from the 26th District since January 2009 following six terms in the Connecticut House of Representatives. Senator Boucher is currently in an exploratory campaign run for the 2018 Connecticut Gubernatorial race that is crowded with approximately twelve other candidates on each side of the isle plus one independent who has already chosen a running mate.

Guy Smith (D) – candidate for governor

Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident, has initiated his campaign in a run for the 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial race and his skill set has a deep and broad spectrum. His career path includes senior leadership experience in the corporate arena, highest level federal government positions and global non-profit assignments.