Connecticut’s municipal service provider

Joe DeLong, the executive director and CEO of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), speaks with Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views, regarding the diverse services provided by the organization to the 169 towns and cities of the State.

CTVV-Long term care, estate planning component

David Guttchen, director for the Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care, has been a frequent guest on CT Valley Views with Host Susan Patricelli Regan due to the program’s relevance not only to the quality of life for Connecticut citizens but also germane to protection of an individual’s life savings and retirement planning.

CT Senator John Kissel legislative update

Connecticut is at a crossroads economically.  The regular session for the budget is over but there are looming question marks on tolls and bonding which will be debated in a special session after July 1. The budget must be balanced but the Governor is being challenged by the unions involving a $428 million dollar anticipated consession.

Regan interviews Kevin Witkos

As host of CT Valley Views, Susan Patricelli Regan continues to bring “proof to the people” through high profile guests and topics to Connecticut citizens. The state’s budget is in critical economic condition and the show’s grass roots medium of Public Access TV is a full half hour, sans advertorial interruptions, that  provides candid and illuminating insight to its viewers.