Canine dementia explained

As our canine companions age, they may start to show signs of dementia not all that different from the signs of dementia seen in aging people. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, or CCD, is the dog’s version of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lessons on leashing your pet

One of the most important lessons you can teach your dog is to walk politely on a leash. As I know all too well, it can be a frustrating lesson! But if you are successful, you will not only have more fun with your dog, but you will also greatly improve his health and quality of life.

Drug-resistant hookworms are spreading in dogs

Parasitologists are now warning us about multi-drug resistant hookworms that are spreading from dog to dog in the United States. This is mostly an issue in retired racing greyhounds. There is also a concern that these hookworms are spreading from greyhounds to the general dog population.

Connecticut Humane Society

I was wondering if it is a myth that there was a COVID-19 effect of open kennels at animal shelters due to increased demand. So, I called the Connecticut Humane Society and spoke to Susan Wollschlager, the marketing and communications manager.