Oral flea and tick products

As the weather gets warmer we are now on the lookout for the reemergence of large numbers of fleas and ticks. For the last few years pet owners have been using the oral products in the isoxazoline class (Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, and Credelio).

Technology in ambulatory medicine

Technology is a large, everyday component in the daily routine of equine veterinarians. It has vastly changed the way medicine is practiced and most days, we are glad for the advancement.

Veterinary specialists

It seems like the norm in human medicine is to see your family physician for a health issue but if the problem is the least bit complicated then a referral to a specialist follows. In the veterinary world the general practitioner manages most of your pet’s medical problems. There are, however, complicated cases that require specialists and veterinarians will recommend a consult with a specialist.

Shaping Up For Spring

As the snow melts (and mud season ensues), we all start thinking about getting back in the saddle. Literally.

Arthritis in cats

We often think of older dogs being arthritic and having stiff joints and tense muscles. Cats have the same problems but tend to hide their pain and suffering.