Broadleaf Solar reaches out a neighborly hand

In 2021, D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI Renewables LLC of New York City) purchased 665 acres of land in Granby and East Granby, the former Monrovia Nursery Company property, for $7.2 million, with plans to build a photovoltaic solar facility like its 130-acre Tobacco Valley Solar Farm in Simsbury that opened in 2019 and its 485-acre Gravel Pit Solar site in East Windsor, which is set to open this year. The Granby portion of the proposed project, Broadleaf Solar, is 322 acres at 35 Floydville Road and 90 Salmon Brook St.

Meet poetess Bernadette Gentry

If you live in Granby and read The Granby Drummer, then you surely recognize the name Bernadette Gentry. She’s the voice behind the thoughtful, sometimes whimsical but always pleasing poems published each month for her community to enjoy.

Andy Laplante relishes life’s drama

If you have ever shopped at the Granby Cumberland Farms, you have encountered the smiling welcome and kindly service of Andy Laplante. He is a large man in many ways: in his big heart; in his thoughtful, friendly behavior; in his unflappable love of life. He is also a man who hones his talents for his own and others’ pleasure.

A study in contrasts: Dana McSwain

If you’re lucky enough to have encountered Dana McSwain over the 18 months since she and her husband Winston moved from Cleveland to Granby, then you’ve been warmed by her radiant smile. Perhaps you’ve seen her walking Simon and Pippi, her standard poodle puppies.

A perfect fit: Philip Marshall

In its ideal form, serendipity is a reciprocal gift.
Such is the case with Philip Marshall, who has found “unsought treasures” since his arrival in Granby, a move that has benefited our town as well.