The Great Perch Tragedy

I suppose there are lots of times in life when you don’t need to know exact numbers. The length of my driveway in inches, the number of cookies I had for dessert and the amount I spent on THE PANHANDLER  (a double-edged, single-action, fish-filleting piece of genius that I have never used) all come to mind.

Parks & Recreation

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New England’s Forgotten Farms

Forgotten Farms, a documentary about New England dairy farms, will be shown Sunday, March 11, at 2 p.m. in the Simsbury Public Library lower level program room. The Friends of Holcomb Farm partnered with the Granby and Simsbury land trusts to host this free event, which will explore the plight of struggling dairy farms that are becoming increasingly scarce in New England.

TIOSN presents: Soil, plant and human health effects of glyphosate

The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) is grateful for the unique opportunity to bring two world-class research scientists to Granby for a presentation on the effects of Roundup and it’s active ingredient, glyphosate. Dr. Don M. Huber, Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology, Purdue University and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will discuss the soil, plant and human health effects of glyphosate.

Spring’s Journey

The wind blows and there’s a talk of more snow. I ask myself, “When will spring ever come?”
Then I remind myself that the days have lengthened, the sun is stronger, and soon purple, white, and yellow crocuses will be appearingeven if through a covering of snow.

Toni Boucher (R): Exploratory candidate for governor

Toni Boucher has been a member of the Connecticut Senate from the 26th District since January 2009 following six terms in the Connecticut House of Representatives. Senator Boucher is currently in an exploratory campaign run for the 2018 Connecticut Gubernatorial race that is crowded with approximately twelve other candidates on each side of the isle plus one independent who has already chosen a running mate.

Guy Smith (D) – candidate for governor

Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident, has initiated his campaign in a run for the 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial race and his skill set has a deep and broad spectrum. His career path includes senior leadership experience in the corporate arena, highest level federal government positions and global non-profit assignments.