Registrar’s Calendar

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July P & Z minutes

Peggy Lareau addressed the commission with two comments on sharing information. Lareau suggested that when there are regulation changes, the regulations should be posted online so the public may review them in advance.

Support for Webster

Regardless of party, I think most Granby residents can agree that our proud town has often been overlooked when it comes to the decision makers in Hartford. New leadership in the capitol is in Granby’s best interest in both the short and long term, and that is why Amanda Webster is the right person to represent the 62nd District when voters go to the ballot box in November.

Support for Webster

Many months ago “Amanda Webster – New for 62” came across my Facebook page. Along with it was a picture of, to this grandmother’s eyes, a very young woman.

Support for Hornish

The legislators in Hartford are totally out of touch with their constituents. Families struggle with stagnant wages, rising healthcare costs, and Eversource rate hikes, while inflation eats away at any minor gains made.

Cat Rescue in Poets Corner

As we closed down the house and prepared to retire for the night on July 16, we heard an animal noise coming from somewhere along the path between our house and our neighbor’s. Sensing some concern, my wife Lisa left a message for Jennifer Abalan (Animal Control).

You Are Needed

Granby residents are needed to fill vacancies on the Agricultural Commission and the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission.