The New Guy

We were sitting around my kitchen table, working two laptops and two smart phones. Four of us tasked with finding a place for the annual ice fishing trip: me, Ken, Dave and the New Guy.

Letter to Santa 2022

Dear Santa:
Last time I wrote, we were nearing the end of 2020. And, oh my, what a year that was: impeachment proceedings, a global pandemic, Brexit. You must have had your hands full with the annual naughty-nice list. I hope the brownie toffee cookies we left for you provided at least some solace.

Dorman’s Banana

The dawn broke, filling the sky with burnt orange hues and our hearts with hope and anticipation. We’d done everything right and it was shaping up to be an epic day.

Notable Quotables

My best fishing buddies also happen to be my closest friends. We’ve known each other for years and are comfortable sharing our innermost thoughts. About fishing, I mean.

Take me again, Dad!

Many of my favorite childhood memories involve fishing. It’s what I did to escape the daily turmoil of growing up in our tumultuous, single-parent household. I never caught a single fish worth bragging about. But fishing was safe.

A day in the life

Today looked like it was going to be a great day. A trouble-free day for hanging out; for taking what comes my way. I guess, given my lot in life, I should have known better.

(More) Shared Memories and (More) Lessons Learned

In February, I wrote about an interview with my daughter Ellie. I asked her questions on six topics: first fishing experience; largest fish; next bucket list fish; most fun; lessons learned; lessons taught. This month, I sat down with my son Gage and asked him the same questions.