A February Memory

February’s bitter cold keeps me inside this snowy winter morning.
Yet outside, my friends, the birds and squirrels wait for me.

Sounds We Heard Once More

Oh, the sounds that graced my ears
From childhood and beyond,
The memories they often stir
Seem sometimes all but gone.

Christmas Eve

Once again, it’s Christmas Eve.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to our Creator for the Blessings in our lives—

Hay Day

One sunny June day as the farmers arose, Ma said to Pa “It’s time to go mow!”

July Fourth

The sun’s light coming through the window wakes me, and I know it will be a glorious Fourth of July day—perfect for parades, picnics, barbecues, a trip to the beach or lake for swimming or boating.


The fragile colors of early spring give way to the more vibrant colors of summer—children who began the school year last fall now talk of vacation plans and future endeavors. The seasons rush along. We cannot stop them.


After the darkness of winter, with the April sun, the forsythias’ buds open.


Happiness is found everywhere