Guy Smith (D) – candidate for governor

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Guy Smith (D) candidate for Governor with CTVV Host Susan Patricelli-Regan with at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford.

Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident, has initiated his campaign in a run for the 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial race and his skill set has a deep and broad spectrum. His career path includes senior leadership experience in the corporate arena, highest level federal government positions and global non-profit assignments. He was special advisor to Bill Clinton administration, Director of Connecticut-based AmeriCares, executive vice president at Phillip Morris and Diageo corporations, and most recently advisor to Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential campaign.

He is driven to rise to any challenge, which is reflected in his 2012 book, If It is Not Impossible, It’s Not Interesting. It’s available on Amazon—a great read for both personal and professional aspiration and inspiration.

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