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CCTV interviews chair of PURA

Susan Regan, host of CT Valley Views, conducted an interview in December with Marissa Gillett, chairman of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) as well as Connecticut’s representative on the Board of Directors for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Inc. (RGGI).

Because of escalating inflation affecting electric consumers particularly in the Northeast, viewers will want to watch this segment to understand
PURA’s fiscal responses on critical aspects of electric rate charges and how consumers can mitigate the impact on their business and personal pocketbooks. Check your local PATV airing schedule for viewing or see all programs on A direct link to this segment is

Follow PURA’s continuing 2024 objectives at and ask questions at regarding rates and concerns with its service.

Senator Kissel, serving District 7

Susan Regan, Host of CT Valley Views, interviewed Senator John A. Kissel prior to the opening of the 2024 short CT legislative session. Senator Kissel is a Chief Deputy Republican Leader and has been serving District 7 North Central CT for 16 terms — 32 years of civil service.

Senator Kissel spoke objectively and candidly with an “inside the legislature” view, the many concerns important to the taxpayers of Connecticut that impact the quality of life for all voters regardless of party participation.

See this segment on a local PATV station or all of CT Valley Views shows at in existence for 13 years with high profile guests and topics. CTVV reaches 109 towns with more additions anticipated for 2024.

CTVV interviews with The Family Institute             

One of the most critical steps for solving widespread concerns of Connecticut parents and taxpayers is being addressed by The Family Institute of Connecticut in a proposed bill, “Let Parents Parent,” which will be presented in the first Legislative Session in February.

Host of CT Valley Views Susan Regan interviewed Peter Wolfgang, executive director of The Family Institute of Connecticut in December.

Regan brought Christine Rebstock into the conversation because of her concerns about the loss of parents’ authority relative to their children’s gender-change health risks. The position of the state’s BOE Commissioner and Attorney General is more than the “camel’s nose under the tent” as it dictates sanctioned directives to Connecticut’s 169 towns’ Boards of Education.

This proposed bill stems the tide of toxic mandates that will be so harmful to the futures of our youth at such a vulnerable age. It is imperative that this bill get a hearing because a major proportion of their constituents are parents/caregivers, as well as taxpayers who want to know how their dollars are being spent. Further, the 2024 Presidential election will bring this subject into greater focus.

This bill addresses many of the issues regarding parents, their children, family unity, student academics in Connecticut, public schools’ academic curriculum, health risks to children regarding gender issues, and myriad challenges in our state with regard to parents’ authority over their family’s future. To support the expedited process of the “Let Parents Parent” bill, contact  your district’s representative and all parties’ legislators.

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To follow updates on the process and find out more about The Family Institute of CT, visit

Due to high profile guests and topics important to the taxpayers of Connecticut coverage by CTVV in 2023, the program has increased its airing reach by 44 percent and now is at an all time record of 109 towns representing 65 percent of all Connecticut towns. Note that some towns from the balance not covered may not have a PATV airing station.