Regan interviews Kevin Witkos

As host of CT Valley Views, Susan Patricelli Regan continues to bring “proof to the people” through high profile guests and topics to Connecticut citizens. The state’s budget is in critical economic condition and the show’s grass roots medium of Public Access TV is a full half hour, sans advertorial interruptions, that  provides candid and illuminating insight to its viewers.

The silent culture of domestic violence

What do you do if you fear that you or your children are or will become victims of domestic violence? This is not limited to physical, but includes verbal abuse, harassment, and threats of assault directly or to the immediate family, estrangement from friends or family or curtailment of financial support.

CTVV news

John G. Rowland, former Governor of Connecticut, provided an open and inspiring interview with host Susan Patricelli Regan. Rowland, elected at 37 as the 86th Governor of Connecticut in 1995, was youngest to serve in the state’s history.