CTVV: Update with Dr. Jordan Grossman

Susan Patricelli Regan (left), host of CT Valley Views, again speaks with Dr. Jordan Grossman (right), superintendent of Granby Public Schools, regarding the COVID-19 challenges to the curriculum, budget, student and parent adjustments and planning for 2021 year.

CTVV interviews SAM CT Chair

The SAM CT Task Force was created in Connecticut in 2019 to provide real competition to the two-party monopoly that has had a stranglehold on voters for decades and that forces candidates into partisan camps focused on reelection rather than issues that concern the voters of the Constitution State.

CTVV interviews David Lehman

Critical to the administrative infrastructure of Connecticut, the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) oversees a wide range of programs promoting business retention and recruitment, Brownfield redevelopment, the arts, historic preservation and tourism.

Union leader speaks to CTVV

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck Connecticut, the approximately 220,000 members of the Connecticut AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) have been an integral part of keeping the state functioning.

State’s Public Utility Regulatory Authority

Marissa P. Gillett is chairman of PURA (Public Utility Regulatory Authority), the department statutorily charged with regulating the rates and services of Connecticut’s investor-owned electricity, natural gas, water and telecommunication companies and is the franchising authority for the state’s cable television companies.

Connecticut cleans up its act

Along with Governor Lamont’s recent Executive Order to have Connecticut be carbon-free by 2040, there are new regulations for recycling and trash for private and commercial customers. For those who don’t adapt, there will be fines for not complying.

State’s energy dept changing of the guard

Marissa P. Gillett is the new chair of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and recently stated that affordability across all customer classes will be a focus during her five-year term, but warned that it will likely take a few years to draft and enact policies that have meaningful impacts on Connecticut’s ranking as one of the most expensive for energy costs in the lower 48 states.

Connecticut cyber security at risk

We all are aware of the daily issues of playing defense against a barrage of ransomware challenges when it comes to managing the personal and business information on our computers. We need to constantly monitor and update firewalls to protect our private and critical data on the internet or we become victims of nation states and/or mercenaries.