There’s no Magic Money Tree

In the last Drummer a fragment of the Democratic Town Committee took issue with my shot across the bow in the prior issue that indicated that the boards need to be focusing on flatter operating budgets and contract implications for FY22.


William Glueck, 18 Barkhamsted Road, thanked John Preete for bringing the Agbotic proposal and opportunity to the town and his willingness to work with the board. It was the first time residents and board members have seen the proposal.

Remembrance Day: Sept. 11

The Shannon Shattuck American Legion Post 182 organized a remembrance event on Sept. 11 on the Granby Town Green.

Support for Finance Chairman

Finance chairman Mike Guarco always has the best interest of everyone in this town foremost in his mind and heart. For many years, he has kept the Granby ship from sinking through some strenuous waters.

Word of caution

In the race for Connecticut House 62nd District, Audrey Lampert’s opponent Mark Anderson says he is a “compassionate conservative.” But he is not being up front about his very close association with a radical organization, the CT Republican Assembly, a private group not associated with Connecticut government (

Support for Lampert

This November, I’ll be supporting Audrey Lampert in the race for the 62nd state house district. I’ve known Audrey for 17 years, and worked with her as a volunteer on many local projects, including a decade with the Marquis of Granby Fyfe and Drum Corps.