Support for Lampert

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This November, I’ll be supporting Audrey Lampert in the race for the 62nd state house district. I’ve known Audrey for 17 years, and worked with her as a volunteer on many local projects, including a decade with the Marquis of Granby Fyfe and Drum Corps. 

Her qualifications, temperament, and plans for our district serve as the foundation for effective, inclusive leadership for our community. Audrey has spent three decades in financial services, analyzing and investing in both companies and governments on behalf of corporations, retirement funds and private endowments. Her commitment to treat her clients’ money as her own translates directly to representing our district as a steward of our tax dollars. She will fight for a public insurance option, a lower-cost option for families and small businesses that is sorely needed during this time of economic uncertainty.

Her opponent is the founder and former president of the Connecticut Republican Assembly, a private, fundamentalist conservative group, and a graduate of the far-right Liberty University. He portrays himself as a “compassionate conservative,” which is an overused, vague platitude that is devoid of any substance. 

Audrey is a woman of substance to the core, with impressive expertise, and a long history of giving her time and talents to our community. On Nov. 3, I’ll support expertise and action over extremist ideology, and vote for Audrey.

Lori Catlin Garcia