265 Salmon Brook Street

By Carol Laun, Archivist, Salmon Brook Historical Society This rather ordinary looking white house was once the imposing Federal-style mansion house of a wealthy Granby resident. In the more than 225 years since it was built, it has undergone huge renovations, additions and subtractions. When built, it was located very close to the southwest corner of Rte. 10-202 and Rte. 20. The house has been moved from its original site and has had even more architectural changes. It has now been divided […]

Sunday morning visitor

On May 28, about 7:15 in the morning, John Dewey was photographing a turkey that had come into his yard. In a split second he ran and then flew away. A coyote appeared about 20 feet from the house where he was photographing from a window. It stayed around a few minutes then was off into the woods. […]

Wells Road enrichment clusters – the icing on the (cup)cake

In the true spirit of the enrichment cluster model at Wells Road Intermediate School, six students have taken their Cluster experience to the next level. These students were a part of the Cupcake Boss cluster where they learned to make frosting, color it, and use various styling tips for different patterns. In addition, they learned how to mold fondant into decorations. Ultimately, they made and decorated cupcakes for the school staff.Students Nora Davis, Ali Dobbert, Bella Hassett, Sophia Karab […]

CSA for wine? You bet!

By Shirley MurthaGranby is definitely a Community Supported Agriculture town, with many of its farms offering the convenience of weekly shares of vegetables. It wasn’t a big leap for Lost Acres Vineyard to apply the concept to the wine industry as well. Not that shareholders have to go out to pick the grapes and make the wine—all they have to do is sign up for the distribution.Members commit to buying two cases of wine (24 bottles), either of the wine-maker’s choice or customiz […]

Humans of Granby

Rob FisherApplications Support Specialist,Gerber TechnologiesAge: 46Tell about a book you are reading/ have read…I tend to read technical manuals since these fit with my occupation. I am also an avid photographer and recently read The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby. He uses humor in his manuals; one heading was “the other most important secret” where the secret, in fact, was just a good practical tip. A few weeks ago I was on a business trip to Shanghai and too […]

College 101: a program for 2017 grads

College 101 is one last down-and-dirty review of the real life decisions you will be making as freshmen, and what you need to remember to stay safe and keep your friends alive.Spend 90 minutes on Tuesday, July 25, at 7 p.m. to review what you need to know before you hit campus in August. Officer Tina Barrow of the Granby Police Department will review situational awareness. This is a key component of being safe in the bigger world beyond Granby’s borders.Hear from first responde […]

The annoying plague of ticks

By John Violette, DVMSummer is finally upon us. Seems like it would never get here. The cold wet spring brought us the plague of ticks. None of us can remember such vast numbers of ticks on our dogs and on ourselves. They typically die down during the hot, dry summer months and return in the fall. Hopefully this is the case this summer and we can return to walking our dogs in the fields and forests of Granby. In the meantime, tuck your pant legs into your socks and give your dogs flea and tick p […]

2017 Drummer scholarship awarded

Kathy Norris, president of Citizens for a Better Granby (CBG) presented the 2017 Drummer scholarship to Granby Memorial High School student Emily Brewer at the June 1 senior awards night. Emily will attend Hamilton College in the fall. […]

Granby student awarded Avon Arts scholarship

By Rita BondGranby Memorial High School senior Soul Leavitt was among four Farmington Valley graduating students who were awarded scholarships by the Avon Arts Association during a reception at the Simsbury Public Library on June 4, during the opening of the annual Members’ Spring Show.Leavitt received the Avon Arts Association Award for Excellence. Jessica Shin, from Simsbury High School, received the Helen Kilgus Award. Kevin Barch, also from Simsbury High School, received the Robert Ron […]