College 101: a program for 2017 grads

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College 101 is one last down-and-dirty review of the real life decisions you will be making as freshmen, and what you need to remember to stay safe and keep your friends alive.
Spend 90 minutes on Tuesday, July 25, at 7 p.m. to review what you need to know before you hit campus in August.
Officer Tina Barrow of the Granby Police Department will review situational awareness. This is a key component of being safe in the bigger world beyond Granby’s borders.
Hear from first responders and possibly some GMHS alumni with insights into a typical weekend night in a college town. How does alcohol play into emergency calls for both physical injury as well as sexual assaults? These are real issues that many colleges downplay.
Review what you know about alcohol poisoning and binge drinking. Be the one in the dorm that knows when to call for help.