CSA for wine? You bet!

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By Shirley Murtha

Granby is definitely a Community Supported Agriculture town, with many of its farms offering the convenience of weekly shares of vegetables. It wasn’t a big leap for Lost Acres Vineyard to apply the concept to the wine industry as well. Not that shareholders have to go out to pick the grapes and make the wine—all they have to do is sign up for the distribution.
Members commit to buying two cases of wine (24 bottles), either of the wine-maker’s choice or customized to the shareholder’s preferences. They can pick up the wine all at once, or spread out over three pre-established distributions. This helps the vineyard plan for the season, provide some working capital throughout the year and maintain the sustainability of the crop.


Kevin Riggott of Lost Acres Vineyard shows a typical selection of eight wines for an upcoming CSA distribution. photo by Shirley Murtha

Lost Acres grows 60–70 percent of the grapes that go into its wines. The owners, Michelle Neidermeyer and Kevin Riggott, live in Granby and the CSA program fits their intention of supporting local agriculture and preserving local farms.
This year’s pick-up dates began on April 14 and will continue on July 14 and October 20. Special events are planned for each distribution date. For April’s pick-up, Riggott and Neidermeyer discussed the wine-making process as they led a tour and barrel tasting. The July pick-up will include a barbecue and pot luck dinner. On October 20, members will enjoy live music and light hors d’oeuvres.
The cost this year was $370, with a $100 deposit required and the remaining two payments of $135 due by April 1 and June 1. This is a reasonable price for not just the convenience of always having enough wine on hand for personal use or as gifts, but also for the added special events at each pick-up. (If you cannot make a particular pick-up party, you can get your wine during regular vineyard hours following that date.)
In addition, members can reserve up to four seats for other vineyard events such as concerts, and they receive a 10 percent discount on all wine purchased including that for enjoyment on the site.
If this sounds like a good deal to you, make a note on next year’s calendar to sign up either at the vineyard or on the website: www.lostacresvineyard.com.