Humans of Granby

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Rob Fisher
Applications Support Specialist,
Gerber Technologies
Age: 46
Tell about a book you are reading/ have read…
I tend to read technical manuals since these fit with my occupation. I am also an avid photographer and recently read The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby. He uses humor in his manuals; one heading was “the other most important secret” where the secret, in fact, was just a good practical tip. A few weeks ago I was on a business trip to Shanghai and took a panoramic shot of the city from a boat on the river that runs past it. I printed it out in black and white, and then in color to get the different light perspectives. Kelby’s book helped to confirm the techniques that I use to get shots like these.
Tell about your neighborhood…
I feel a sense of history when I drive home to my house. My wife’s great grandfather’s name was Wells, we live on Wells Road and my children both went to Wells Road School. Her great grandfather lived in Granby many years ago. Likewise, her family has a farm on Messenger Road so she truly has deep roots here in town.
I know my immediate neighbors pretty well; however, since the houses are spaced pretty far apart I don’t know the other families on the road. We will probably stay in Granby a long time because the people in this town tend to be kind, generous and interested in keeping traditions. Older homes tend to be restored well.
If a movie were made in Granby, what is something the producer might include…?
I imagine it would be a story that tries to capture the happenings in an old traditional New England town. Scenes would show barns, land between houses, old cemeteries, churches, and well-maintained architecture from years past.
Thinking about a film reminds me of the time I did a photo shoot of the Messenger farm. My original plan was to capture the fields and buildings but my wife’s uncle, Burt Messenger, really piqued my interest. Taking his picture invoked strong emotions. You could sense the years of hard work on his face, arms, and hands. I thought about the modern world we all seem to live in today and the sharp contrast portrayed by Burt. I realized, (at the time), how he still got up every day and performed hard manual labor without the temptation of modern technology.
In a similar manner, not that long ago, I was in the center of town photographing the Memorial Day parade. Here again my original plan was to focus on the marching bands and floats that passed by. Just as in the shoot at the farm I found myself enthralled by the people’s faces watching the parade along with some specific individuals appearing in it. One person in particular that caught my eye was an older man riding in an antique car. That day and then later looking at his picture made me feel like I was back in time; he could have been a young man riding in that same car years ago.
Gwen Kopf
Managerial professional, also raises llamas, alpacas and chickens. Member of the “Llama Ladies” for 13 years.
Age 55
Tell about your interest in llamas and alpacas…
As a child I always wanted to own or live on a farm. A good part of that desire came true when I was visiting Holcomb Farm years later as an adult. One day Pat Fiocchetta had many alpacas there that she was showing and I bought two of them from her. I raised them for their wool and presently I own one llama and four alpacas. Recently I took a large amount of the wool from my animals to a mill to have several rugs made along with some skeins of yarn.
The llamas and alpacas are just like humans in that they have different personalities. My alpaca named Star is affectionate and the tamest of the group. Llamas are taller; they serve as protectors of the alpacas. When my children were little they were a bit scared of the llamas but they could handle the alpacas.
Tell about a book you are reading/ have read…
I am a copious reader of magazines such as Country Living and Coastal Living. Since I have a strong interest in home decorating I also enjoy HDTV. It is fun for me to get new ideas for crafts and the magazines serve as springboards for projects. Currently I am crocheting dishcloths, coasters and blankets. When they are done they will become gifts for my friends like the women in my card ladies club.
Tell about your neighborhood…
I am blessed to have neighbors that I can count on for help when needed. One neighbor, who lives across the street, is a career counselor; she just helped me update my resume. Then there is the neighbor next door that I go to for massages since she is a trained masseuse. Likewise, my daughter babysits for the little girl that lives in the house next to ours.
If a movie were made in Granby, what is something the producer might include…?
I like to think of Granby as a “farm city.” There is very little industry, beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, all located in a quiet rural area. The people, however, are sophisticated as many of them are commuters to jobs in or close to Hartford. Everything in Granby does shut down early so naturally the kids don’t like it.
A movie made here would have a gorgeous backdrop and the story line would show what a great place it is to raise children. It could be an animal story also, or a nature documentary. Generally the atmosphere here is laid back; kids can disconnect from technology and safely enjoy playing outdoors.