Wells Road enrichment clusters – the icing on the (cup)cake

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In the true spirit of the enrichment cluster model at Wells Road Intermediate School, six students have taken their Cluster experience to the next level. These students were a part of the Cupcake Boss cluster where they learned to make frosting, color it, and use various styling tips for different patterns. In addition, they learned how to mold fondant into decorations. Ultimately, they made and decorated cupcakes for the school staff.
Students Nora Davis, Ali Dobbert, Bella Hassett, Sophia Karabetsos, Toryn Riley and Ava Ryan approached Cupcake Boss Cluster teacher Kierstan Pestana asking to bake, decorate and sell cupcakes at the school’s drama performance of Willy Wonka’s Kids, the week of May 22. They wanted to take their knowledge to the next level. The students spent several recess blocks meeting with Pestana to plan how to achieve their goals. They then worked with the concessions committee, already set up for the play, the two teachers who were directing the play, as well as Dr. Bailey to be sure they could make their plan a reality.

Students Nora Davis, Ali Dobbert, Bella Hassett, Sophia Karabetsos, Toryn Riley and Ava Ryan, display their baked goods. Submitted photo.

The week before the play, they spent their entire lunch and recess blocks quickly eating their lunches and using the rest of the time to create the fondant decorations that would top the cupcakes. They created golden tickets, mini top hats using Oreos and mini marshmallows, and Willy Wonka to show the theme of the play on the cupcakes. The weekend prior to the performances the students all made their cupcakes at home and brought them in to decorate. They even had gluten- and dairy-free varieties. The Monday before the play, the girls remained after school for two hours to decorate their creations.
Finally, the students took shifts working the table at the cupcake sale earning $296. The girls decided that the proceeds from the cupcake sale would defray the cost of the yearbook for all fifth graders. Not only were the cupcakes a delicious treat for all, but they also helped these students take their enrichment cluster experience to the next level and supported their classmates in the process.