Appreciation for Fresh Access

I would like to say a few words in support of and in appreciation for the non-profit farming programs, and specifically for the Fresh Access Program offered to seniors in the community through the Granby Senior Center.

Respect our homes

With all the construction going on at the Routes 10 and 189 junction, we oldsters at Granby Homes for Seniors, AKA Stony Hill Village, see a lot more people walking through the compound—not wearing masks, letting their dogs pee on our things, dumping your dog poop in our trash, taking pictures of our apartments…. really now.

Support for Local Charities

The Granby Living Facebook group is 10 years old this December. It was started with the goal of providing information to help and support our community. In recent years we have held an annual fundraiser to support two very worthwhile local charities, Waste Not Want Not Community Kitchen and the Granby Food Bank.

A Community for the Thinkers

When did we start believing that the two major political parties—vehicles designed to hoard power—get to dictate our values? Weren’t values supposed to be determined by our local communities, through culture, civics and spiritual life?