Kearns Community Center

Our family is very excited about the proposed Kearns Community Center. We have spent some time with the members of the steering committee and the ideas they’ve generated are fantastic.

Support for Democrats

I recently heard a local talk show host suggest that most people cannot name their state representative or senator. If you live in Granby, your state representative and state senators have been in office for a very long time.

Support for Republicans

This is an extremely important election for the citizens of the State of Connecticut and for our town. For decades, our legislature has spent too much and saved too little to pay for the state’s obligations.

Support for Hornish

I write in support of the candidacy of Annie (Wosko) Hornish for the position of State Senator. Annie has demonstrated her qualifications for this position through her strong local commitment and her effective state experience. 

I was fortunate enough to work with Annie as a fellow commissioner on the Granby Charter Revision Commission.

Support for Kissel

State Senator John Kissel is a strong advocate for the rights of the disabled. Here are some of the ways that he has worked for these people. 

He chaired a committee studying transitional services for youth and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Support for Kissel

I want to encourage fellow Granbyites to support John Kissel for reelection this fall. It is no secret (even the Hartford Courant agrees) that our state faces a fiscal nightmare.

Support for Griebel

In this trying time for the state of Connecticut, I urge everyone to consider voting for Oz Griebel for Governor on Nov. 6.

Support for Simanski

We have been blessed by the efforts of Bill Simanski working on behalf of the 62nd District of the State of Connecticut for a number of years. Prior to that he led Granby as First Selectman of Granby for eight years.

Support for Simanski

I am urging all the great people of Granby to vote to re-elect Rep. Bill Simanski to the Connecticut House of Representatives. I have served with Bill for several years and without a doubt he is a gentleman, well informed, and a tireless champion for the people of Granby and the rest of his district.