In support of John Kissel

John Kissel is one of the few Republicans that have held on to a seat in the state senate for a number of years because he manages to reach and support a broad range of constituents in multiple towns.

Support for Lampert

I am a registered Independent. My affiliation is not tied to a specific party but with the candidate I believe is best for the job.

A Word of Caution—NOT

A recent letter to the editor claims that the Connecticut Republican Assembly is a radical organization and cites its thirteen principles as concerning. I had never heard of this organization so I checked into it.

Support for Mark Anderson

Please vote for Mark Anderson for state representative. Here’s all you need to know about Mark: he is a member of the steering committee of No Tolls CT, and was instrumental in the efforts to prevent tolls being imposed on Connecticut drivers.

Support for Mark Anderson

Please support Mark Anderson for State Representative. I have been fortunate to know Mark for several years. He is trustworthy, honest and a great person.

Support for Mark Anderson

Neighbors, I felt compelled to draft a note to let you all know a little bit about our neighbor and 62nd District State Representative Candidate Mark Anderson.

Support for Moffa

Connecticut is facing multiple crises: COVID, an economic slowdown, climate change and healthcare. We need leaders in our state government that will listen to science in creating policy.