Mutual respect needed

My wife and I are proud Democrats and, each election season, we display signs on our lawn supporting our party’s nominees. Four years ago, our lawn signs in support of Hillary Clinton were stolen three times.

Mutual respect and civility

My wife Marty and I have had the good fortune to live in Granby since 1972. We were attracted to Granby because of its wide-open spaces, small town community and a place where we wanted to raise our children.

Priorities challenged

In my opinion, some folks in Granby are far more concerned with their image than with the reality. Wasting money on political signs and advertising, similar to the “my church’s steeple is higher so god loves my church more than yours” is not a harmonious way to live.

Cultured meat research support

I was excited to learn Singapore is funding cultured-meat research in a robust manner. For readers who don’t know, cultured meat is grown from cells, without slaughtering animals.

Rise Against Hunger support appreciated

The First Congregational Church of Granby thanks everyone who contributed to the Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event that was scheduled for this past April. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement and eventual cancellation of this hands-on service project.

Support for BLM

I placed a Black Lives Matter sign on my lawn and received three hostile, threatening unsigned letters of the same style in response.

Thanks Shirley Murtha

Shirley Murtha is ubiquitous and the Drummer readers are the beneficiaries! How one person can produce so much good journalism month after month is astounding.

Cultured-meat research

If Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal care about animal welfare, they should support federal funding for cultured-meat research. For those who don’t know, cultured meat is grown from cells, without slaughtering nonhumans.