Salmon Brook eels

The story about the Salmon Brook Monster by Mark Fiorentino in the September Drummer brought back some interesting memories.

Support for change comes in many forms

The recent article headlined, Granby gathers in a show of support for Black Lives Matter, highlights the passion and determination of Granby residents to enact change not only in our town, but in our nation.

Support for Democrat Candidates

This November’s election comes at an intersection of unique and unprecedented events that give us the opportunity to not only vote our values but also our conscience and show who we truly are.

Support GCF

I learned about the Granby Community Fund from a co-worker who was a member and resided in Granby as I did. After attending a meeting and hearing about the work and commitment of the members to raise funds for community organizations in one annual campaign, I became a member!

Granby Community Fund

You may have read that the Hartford Foundation has created 29 new funds, one for each of the towns in our region, as part of its Greater Together program. Each of the new funds is called a “community fund.”