Appreciation for Fresh Access

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I would like to say a few words in support of and in appreciation for the non-profit farming programs, and specifically for the Fresh Access Program offered to seniors in the community through the Granby Senior Center.

After my husband Bob and I retired from teaching, we moved to Granby in 2014 and shortly thereafter joined the Senior Center. When we renewed our membership for the second year, the GSC coordinator took a moment on the phone to tell us about the Fresh Access program and encouraged us to participate. Since that day we have joined the many other seniors who enjoy the healthy, fresh and pesticide-free produce generously offered each week through the Center from June through October.

This remarkable program has made a difference in our daily meals throughout the year. So many of the vegetables are totally new to us, which has been a delightful aspect of our summer meals. We are now preparing foods that we would never have tried on our own. We find ourselves searching for ways to prepare these “new” vegetables and in turn new ways to prepare familiar foods. We eat better meals and enjoy our new menus immensely.

In another way, the Fresh Access program has inspired us to shop locally at farms and stands in and around Granby. We visit the Holcomb Farm’s shop as well as the many other farms and orchards in and around Granby. We look for and purchase produce that we would certainly not have tried had we not been encouraged by Fresh Access to expand our limited meal perspective. And we love supporting the local stands and produce shops.

But, in honesty, one of the most significant impacts that participation in FA has had on our lives is the sense of community and belonging that we feel. The first week we drove home with our distribution, we talked about how welcoming and comforting this program is. Fresh Access extended a hand and made us feel a part of the community. This outreach to seniors through the generous offer of healthy produce for our home-prepared meals is a most valuable aspect of Fresh Access.

We thank you for that outreach, and we extend our appreciation to the Friends of Holcomb Farm and to the Fresh Access coordinators and volunteers who make this most generous and healthy program available to Granby seniors.

Donna Lyons