Support for Anderson

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I am calling all Independent/Unaffiliated voters like myself to vote for Mark Anderson this November.

I have been a registered independent voter in Granby for over 20 years and I try to evaluate policy positions without a political party bias. Connecticut has had its fair share of independent politicians which I always felt made our state stand apart from most. That, sadly, has changed for the worse since we have become completely controlled by one party in the state government, from the Governor to the Senate and House of Representatives.

Today, at the Federal level, we see the effects of one-party policies that have devastated our standard of living since January 2021.

Top that with complete one-party rule at the state level and we are hit with double the trouble. Our local taxes in Granby are already going up since the new town budget was passed, our standard of living is worse and there is no end in sight unless we turn the tide by keeping our Republican representation in place and trying to expand it wherever we can in our state elections.

As an Independent/Unaffiliated voter, I have only two real choices on Election Day—Democrat or Republican.

In my opinion, we do not need more of the same Democrat Party policies from Kim Becker. We need to retain Mark Anderson as our voice for alternate ideas about state tax cuts, public safety and economic expansion that would improve our state for the better.

I have spoken with Mark and I believe that he is the best person to represent us in these efforts. Please join me in fighting to attain our ‘independence’ from one party rule.

Beth Carroll

I attended the recent debate between the incumbent District 62 State Representative Mark Anderson and his opponent. Questions were provided by the GMHS civics class and covered a broad range of important issues affecting Granby citizens. In each and every case. Mr. Anderson’s responses were based upon conservative principles rather than just telling the audience what he thought they wanted to hear. It is this principled approach that will result in the best legislation to enhance the lives of citizens in Granby, and of course Connecticut. I continue to support Mr. Anderson and recommend that you do too.

Robert Moss

We are very proud to support Mark Anderson for reelection as our State Representative as he reflects the integrity, critical common sense, and leadership that is needed in the Connecticut legislature.

Susan and Bill Regan

I am writing to express my continued support for Mark Anderson as our state representative for the 62nd District. I have known Mark for years, and in addition to being responsive to anyone who reaches out to him, he is genuinely committed to listening to and representing his constituents. Mark is committed to driving change within our state, seeking to improve the tax climate, drive economic growth, and reduce corporate welfare treating all businesses equally. I support his focus on cutting taxes and reducing regulations and the size of government to make Connecticut a more attractive and affordable state. I hope you join me in supporting Mark Anderson on election day.

Kelly Rome

We are all deeply saddened by the shooting deaths of two Connecticut Police Officers from Bristol. We see these police deaths taking place in our large cities like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, etc. but we never thought these horrific murders would take place in Connecticut.

I am happy to endorse Mark Anderson for re-election to the House of Representatives for the 62nd district. Mark’s background—an Army Reserve officer who retired as Lieutenant Colonel after 28 years, May 1983-June 2011, a Strategic Intelligence Officer assigned to the Iraq Intelligence Working Group with direct daily reporting to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other intelligence work give him strong credentials needed to help solve many of the problems facing our state today. 

Representative Anderson and his Republican colleagues are going to undo the enacted barriers police face when performing their duties. The Protecting Our Communities Act that they are working on is legislation putting the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals and a key part of the Act is to provide law enforcement the tools necessary to perform their duties.

Please make sure you vote on Nov. 8 and I strongly urge you to vote for Mark Anderson, running as a Republican and Independent candidate, so he can continue with the great work he has been doing for Granby and our state.

Ginny Wutka