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When did we start believing that the two major political parties—vehicles designed to hoard power—get to dictate our values? Weren’t values supposed to be determined by our local communities, through culture, civics and spiritual life?

Not surprisingly, the political parties are doing an awful job. They’re using increasingly divisive rhetoric to bogeyman the other, all the while becoming more extreme and divisive. They’re indoctrinating our friends, families and neighbors, making conversation nearly impossible.

We recently joined the Forward Party, with the intention of breaking this loop. The two major parties seem to dictate how you should feel and mandate top-down solutions. The Forward Party listens to what you say, expects civil discourse and helps us find bottom-up, local solutions. All the while, it helps cultivate our civic responsibility, and it develops leaders on the ground.

We encourage all looking to break the vicious cycle of rhetoric destroying our communities and families to join the Forward Party. We’re active right here in Granby. We would love to have you join us to help organize at the local level. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either of us at Thomas.proctor@yahoo.com

For more information online and to join, go to ForwardParty.com/Connecticut, and look for upcoming events.

Not left. Not right. Forward!

Toby Proctor and Michael Reis