Invasive of the Month: Multiflora Rose (Rosa Multiflora)

Multiflora Rose is an extremely vigorous shrub that is nearly impossible for humans to control because of its super-sharp thorns borne on long, arching branches that can grow six feet a year in every direction. It thrives best in full sun but persists in partial shade, in a wide range of soil, as long as it has adequate draining.

Ginger Lime Chicken

I know that Winter is coming, but I am still dreaming of warm weather and tropical beaches. And even though I am looking forward to some winter comfort food, I had to share one more recipe that tastes like summer to me.

Friends of Holcomb Farm

Harvest Dinner and Auction

Almost 100 friends of Holcomb Farm filled the gorgeous new Gallery at Metro Bis in November to relish expertly-prepared food, bid on donated items, and enjoy the community spirit of so many who make it possible for the Friends of Holcomb Farm’s Fresh Access program to continue to provide fresh, local produce to those otherwise without access. While some may assume November isn’t the best time to eat fresh from the garden, that’s not the case when Farmer Joe O’Grady, his crew, and Metro Bis Executive Chef Chris Prosperi join forces: Moroccan carrots; lettuce, radicchio, and roasted turnips salad; Brussel sprouts with Jerusalem artichokes; Red Dragon Napa cabbage slaw; sausage with sauerkraut; the best mashed potatoes ever; and warm bread pudding for dessert.

Oriental Bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus

Bittersweet is an extremely vigorous woody vine that can grow dozens of feet, smothering the tops of small trees, strangling them, and pulling them down, similar to the southern kudzu vine. In large mature trees, bittersweet can wrap around the trunk, climb 60 feet or more and follow branches out in search of sun.

Friends of Holcomb Farm

It is fall in New England, and Granby offers some of the best open space hikes around; the Town’s own Holcomb Farm is one of them. The Friends’ Stewardship volunteers have been busy mowing the east field, maintaining walking paths, planting and labeling trees, installing eight new interpretive signs, installing new boardwalks over muddy areas, and rehabbing the South East Field.