Autumn Olive

Autumn Olive is an inoffensive looking shrub or small tree with silvery green leaves, yellow flowers, and red berries in the fall.

Welcome to spring

With the caveat that we write this update in mid-March, at the start of Covid-19-related social distancing efforts that may result in postponements and cancellations of noted events, here’s what’s happening at Holcomb Farm.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an incredibly vigorous plant that forms dense mounds six feet high or more. Once established, it is extraordinarily difficult to remove.

Please support family farms

My husband and I are the third generation to work on his family farm. My father-in-law detailed income and expenses out on a piece of paper at the kitchen table when we talked about taking over, but it has taken us 15 years to get to a comfortable spot in our farm finances and will take us years more to create something that we want to hand down to our kids. 

When we took over the farm, our goal was to have the farm “pay for itself.” My husband had the off-farm job that would support our family expenses.

Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

When I was a kid, I was not a fan of leftovers but even though my mom was a fantastic cook, even she didn’t want to cook every night. As an adult I now understand the importance of leftovers and how they save you time.