Dreaming of a wildflower meadow

Having driven by the empty town-owned field across the street from Maple View Farm for 24 years, Susan Ranstead often thought how beautiful it would be if this field were filled with flowers. This year, she decided to take action to see if it would be possible.

It started with working in the fields; Brittany Gauthier’s experience at Holcomb Farm

Farmington native Brittany Gauthier wanted to experience what it would be like to work on a farm, to be directly involved with the food she ate. A history of farming on her mother’s side of the family and her early career as an educator for Whole Foods Market had given rise to this curiosity, although it took her a few years to actually get her hands in the soil.

Emma’s little orchard

Being the partner of farmer Joe O’Grady, Emma Hoyt is well aware of the goings on around Holcomb Farm. Last year, in fact, the Drummer published a story about her mobile chicken coop and its productive occupants who are now laying lots of eggs and eating lots of insect pests in the growing fields.

Introducing Eric Lukingbeal

Having been born in Farmersville, Ohio near Dayton, and having two sets of grandparents who were farmers, Eric Lukingbeal is no stranger to agriculture. Although his first job was not what you’d call romantic (picking big green cutworms off of tobacco leaves), he developed what would become a life-long appreciation for farming.