Technology plan aims to make Granby a “smart town”

At the Dec. 5 meeting of the Granby Board of Selectmen, Town Manager Erica Robertson presented an update on the town’s Technology Plan. The primary goal of the plan is for the town to strive to be a “smart town,” that is one that leverages technology to increase efficiencies and improve the quality of services for its residents.

Remembering Tom Wutka—a man of many talents

Most Granby folks today remember Tom Wutka sitting on the porch at Lost Acres Orchard, peeling his apples for the many delectable ways they would be used in the family bakery, including his own specialty, Tom’s Dried Apples. Perhaps, especially if they had children, those same folks would remember him driving the tractor that pulled the wagon filled with sightseers for a trip through the orchard on Open Farm Day. Those memories will have to do, for sadly Tom passed away early in December.

Robins in the winter?!

Hikers on Holcomb Farm’s Tree Trail pass a large kiosk on their way up the initial hill. The kiosk’s front side has a map of the trails; the back side has seasonal information on trees, biological processes and birds. The new bird information that went up this month is about robins that we see in Granby during the winter.

Farm chores pave the way for Holcomb Farm worker’s future career

Although she wasn’t born here, Holcomb Farm employee Michelle Dingivan’s childhood memories were set in Granby, for she was only three years old when her family moved here from Hluboka, Czechia. One of those early memories was a third-grade field trip to what was then the educational center at the Farm.

Managing Editor retires to become a woman of letters

A pile of nearly 400 letters written by her family members and discovered when she was a teenager has been in the back of Rita Isaacson’s mind for the past several decades. It is one of many reasons why she has made the decision to step down as the Managing Editor of The Granby Drummer, which was announced in October’s issue.