Getting fresh produce—and other things—without leaving your house

When the pandemic hit, Michelle Niedermeyer knew she couldn’t host the annual seasonal farmers’ markets at Lost Acres Vineyard, so she and the Granby Agricultural Commission came up with a plan that makes it possible for residents of Granby, East Granby, East Hartland and Simsbury to obtain vegetables, cheese, wine and specialty meats without leaving their homes: the Virtual Farmers’ Market.

Annual meeting

It was masked and socially distant, but the annual meeting of the Friends of Holcomb Farm was held on Aug. 16 in a spot with a beautiful view on the Tree Trail across the road from the main campus of the farm.

Emma gets her chickens

Emma Hoyt, the partner of Holcomb Farm’s Farmer Joe O’Grady, has always had a fondness for chickens. She brought two of her own to Granby when the couple moved into the farmhouse on Simsbury Road.