Introducing Eric Lukingbeal

Having been born in Farmersville, Ohio near Dayton, and having two sets of grandparents who were farmers, Eric Lukingbeal is no stranger to agriculture. Although his first job was not what you’d call romantic (picking big green cutworms off of tobacco leaves), he developed what would become a life-long appreciation for farming.

Local birders find a treasure

On Jan. 16, Granby residents John Weeks and his wife, Christine Chinni, were birding along the Hockanum River behind the East Hartford Middle School when they spotted this magnificent bald eagle perched in a tree.

Getting fresh produce—and other things—without leaving your house

When the pandemic hit, Michelle Niedermeyer knew she couldn’t host the annual seasonal farmers’ markets at Lost Acres Vineyard, so she and the Granby Agricultural Commission came up with a plan that makes it possible for residents of Granby, East Granby, East Hartland and Simsbury to obtain vegetables, cheese, wine and specialty meats without leaving their homes: the Virtual Farmers’ Market.