Land Trust adds beauty to the Dewey-Granby Oak property

Granby Land Trust board member Eric Lukingbeal was particularly taken by the naturalized fields of daffodils in various places as he passed through Litchfield and West Granby last spring. It occurred to him that a field of flowers might be just the ticket to brighten up and add interest to the Land Trust’s Dewey-Granby Oak property, and he set a plan in motion.

Let’s support the Clark Farm

I am writing in support of Clark Farm’s application to the Planning and Zoning Commission to have a select number and type of events in their very nice looking white tent on the orchard property. The residents of Strawberry Field have issued several complaints.

Land Trust considers nesting birds

At a recent board meeting of the Granby Land Trust, a discussion occurred regarding dog walking on Land Trust properties. Leashed dogs have been and are always welcome, but board member and veteran birder John Weeks brought “secondary scent-vectored predation” to the table at a recent board meeting.