The Board of Selectmen called for a Public Hearing to hear public comment regarding the ordinance amending ARTICLE III Exemption for Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Personnel [Adopted 10-1-2020].

Testing the voting equipment

Moderators Patti Sansone and Diane Hernsdorf with Registrar Laura Wolfe testing the optical scanner voting machines with a test deck in the Granby Town Hall Meeting Room on Oct. 20, while Machine Tenders Anthony King and Wally Oliver observe.

Mutual respect needed

My wife and I are proud Democrats and, each election season, we display signs on our lawn supporting our party’s nominees. Four years ago, our lawn signs in support of Hillary Clinton were stolen three times.

Mutual respect and civility

My wife Marty and I have had the good fortune to live in Granby since 1972. We were attracted to Granby because of its wide-open spaces, small town community and a place where we wanted to raise our children.