Mutual respect and civility

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My wife Marty and I have had the good fortune to live in Granby since 1972. We were attracted to Granby because of its wide-open spaces, small town community and a place where we wanted to raise our children. Over the years we have made many friends and shared experiences that we shall forever treasure.

This divisive election that we have, and are going through, has reinforced why we chose to live in Granby. While several of my Trump-supporting friends in other towns have had their signs vandalized, we were never worried about that happening to us. We live on a street that has signs supporting both parties but there was mutual respect that we can differ in our political beliefs without the ugly side of this election. It reinforced again why we moved to Granby and know that we can have differences of opinion yet maintain our friendships. 

In closing, I had the privilege of being moderator for the Town of Granby for a number of years. I will always reflect on how the voting public could feel free to express themselves and present opposing points of view, always with civility.

Thank you Granby!

Don Wilmot