Board of Ed chair steps down

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Granby Board of Education chair submitted the following letter to the Drummer:

I am stepping down as chairman of the Granby Board of Education effective Dec. 2, 2020. I loved serving in this role, and will continue my service on the board as a member. 

In 2019, my career took a turn back to the private sector with substantially increased hours, responsibilities and opportunities. I planned to step down as chairman, but the time was never quite right. Dr. Addley told me he was leaving Granby for the Darien Public Schools. The Granby Public Schools found itself searching for a superintendent for the first time in recent memory.

The work was fast and furious, onboarding our new superintendent Jordan Grossman, budget number crunching, introduction to the Granby community, helping to support new administrator hires, and then COVID-19. In 2020, a new challenge for the board and our administration presented itself almost every week. I know our community understands the challenges that have faced every school district adjusting to delivering an educational experience in the middle of a public health crisis. 

The role of chairman in normal times is a full-time job. Representing the BOE at town meetings and hearings, subcommittee and regular board meetings, budget workshops, negotiating contracts with our unions, advocating at the Capitol to keep and increase funding for the Granby Public Schools, and beyond. The best part about being board chair? Our students!

While I step down from a leadership role on the board, I look forward to remaining a part of it. “To everything there is a season.” It has been an honor to lead this Board of Education—thank you. —Melissa Migliaccio