Front page news…in the 1980s

Newspaper editors agonize over the content of the front page whether it’s the New York Times or The Granby Drummer. On any given day there may be several events in play that deserve a “lead” headline and right-top placement.

The mid 70s brought change to the Center

Granby’s 1970s growing pains— controversial budgets, development proposals, plans for creating a commercial center in the wedge between Route 189 and Route 20, a school system with growing pains, a failed sewer system and cars lined up for blocks waiting to pump rationed gasoline all shared space on the Drummer’s front page.

Local History and the First Amendment

It is not a well-known story that local Connecticut Valley history is tied to the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, granting freedom of religion, speech and press. Several forces converged on Granby at its inception as the Salmon Brook Ecclesiastical Society in 1740.