Mysterious Gravestone

A mysterious gravestone was found face down in a corner of the Cooley Cemetery on East Street in spring 2018. It was discovered by Cheryl and Chris Klemmer when they stopped to take a picture of the new cemetery sign.

A tale of three churches, part 2

Many attempts were made to revitalize the Salmon Brook Ecclesiastical Society. In April 1831, it was voted to build a new church, in the geographical center of Granby.  And of course, a new controversy raged over the proposed location.

Frederick H. Cossitt’s gift to Granby

As the Friends of the Cossitt continue the process of restoring the venerable old building, an introduction to the generous benefactor after whom the building is named seems appropriate.

A Tale of Three Churches, Part 1

In the beginning, the church was in Simsbury, and the people of Salmon Brook had to travel this distance on foot or horseback. The roads were mere tracks through the wilderness; mud, dust or snow, according to the season.

Myron Graham Esq., Part 3

Many former ministers of the West Granby Methodist Church wrote to Myron, remembering and thanking him for his help and kindness.

Granby Library Association 1869–2019

The Granby Library Association is a unique organization. It has operated and then supported a public library in Granby for 150 years, although it is a private organization.