Granby’s Oak

Carol Laun wrote many articles about the iconic Granby Oak, also referred to as the Granby-Dewey Oak. Three of her columns, spanning several decades, combine to commemorate Arbor Day, celebrated on April 29.

Arbor Day and the Arbor Day Foundation

In 1872, the first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska. J. Sterling Morton, a resident of Nebraska City, was a tree enthusiast who recognized that the lack of trees, and all their benefits, in tree-bare Nebraska Territory was a serious deficit to the land and its people. When he became secretary of the territory, he was in a position to advocate strongly for the widespread planting of trees and is credited for bringing the holiday into being.

Norwood T. Case, Granby’s weather prophet

Although spring is in the near future, we can almost certainly expect another winter storm in late February or March. There is always the possibility of an April Fool’s Day blizzard as we had in 1997. While we have television and radio meteorologists as well as the National Weather Service to alert us to incoming storms, that was not the case in the first half of the twentieth century.

Celebrating Lovers’ Day over the years

On Monday, Feb. 14, more than 151 million Valentine’s Day cards will be sent to and received from husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and significant others across the country.