Solar Eclipse

The moon blocked part of the sun in a sunrise solar eclipse on June 10 in North Granby. The phenomenon appeared as a “ring of fire” to some observers in Canada and Northern Europe. On the East Coast of North America, it appeared more like a crescent moon—or a smile.


Kuhnly stated the purpose was for the Neighborhood Assistance Act Program and the submission of proposals. He asked the Vice Chairman to read the Legal Notice.

Bear Wars

Once again, I am weighing in on the bear situation in Granby. Wild animals are interested in three things: food, sex, and self-preservation.

Thanks from McLean

We are very thankful to the Granby Community Fund and the residents of Granby for their support of the McLean Meals on Wheels program. The Granby Community Fund solicits donations from Granby residents to then give as grants to local non-profits that serve residents of the Town of Granby.

Town of Granby Meeting Calendar

Check Town of Granby website or call Town Manager’s office to verify date and time, and get information on how to participate on Zoom, if needed.

Cultured meat

I recently learned an Israeli company, Future Meat Technologies, has slashed production costs for cultured meat and hopes to bring it to the United States in the next year and a half. For those who don’t know, cultured meat is grown from cells, without slaughter.