Public Works Director Named

Kirk Severance, director of Public Works Public Works director named Town Manager William F. Smith, Jr. has appointed Kirk Severance as Granby’s director of Public Works. Severance served as deputy director of operations in Granby for seven years and has been with the Department of Public Works since 1984. Severance maintains several certifications relating to roads, hazard communications, tree-warden, and an environmental protection certificate to operate a landfill […]

Marques of Granby Celebrates!

Fyfe instructor Jen Wick presents the “Most Improved Fyfer Award” to Helen Newman Marquis of Granby celebrates 45th Season By Lori Catlin Garcia Members of the Marquis of Granby Jr. Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps gathered on Jan. 3 in Cook Hall at the First Congregational Church to celebrate their 45­­­th season. The corps opened the evening by playing a short concert to a gathered crowd of over 100­­ attendees, including family members, instructors and past director […]

Protects Yourself From Shingles

Protect yourself from shingles If you contracted chickenpox as a child, there is a one-in-three chance the virus will be reactivated as shingles. The chickenpox virus remains in your nervous system and can reemerge at any time, without warning, for no known reason. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine who will develop shingles, when it may occur, or how long it will last. Studies have shown that shingles most commonly occurs in those ages 60 and older, and that the rash, resulting com […]

Staying Safe (and warm!) this Winter

 Staying safe (and warm!) this winter Ice skating, snowball fights, sledding, warming up by the fire—aaah, the joys of winter! It’s fine to indulge in these cold-weather activities if you are also vigilant about your safety. Hypothermia most often results from remaining in cold temperatures for an extended period of time. If your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, your core body temperature may drop dangerously below 95 degrees, and the brain will begin to &ldq […]

VNA Director Leaving Post

VNA director Muir FIN Farmington Valley VNA director leaving post By Andrea Boyle After more than 25 years of service as Executive Director of the Farmington Valley Visiting Nurse Association, Incy S. Muir has announced her retirement from the agency, effective July 10, 2015. She and her husband plan to relocate to the White Mountain region in Maine next summer. A life-long resident of Granby, Muir describes this transition as “bittersweet” since she will be leaving a community […]

VNA Holiday Donations

The Farmington Valley VNA accepted a donation for the Granby Food Bank Program from GMMS X-Factor Boys Club members. Pictured are: (back, from l.) Xavier Jurado, David Stewart, Conrad Ginz, Mark Torres, Mrs. Volikas, and Layne Cramer; (front) Aaron Murdock, Ayden Lidesri, Alex Stelly, and Francis Mikalonis. Submitted photo […]

Senator John Kissel Interview

Senator John A. Kissel (R) District 7 with CTVV Host Susan Regan at the Legislative Office Building. Submitted photo Senator John Kissel—an honest dialogue with CT Valley Views Senator John Kissel, (R) 7th District, one of the longest serving senators in the Connecticut State Senate, provides his view of our state’s status and the fiscal hurdles and options confronting the legislature in the 2015 session. In his interview with CTVV’s host Susan Regan, Senator Kissel, as […]

Benchmarking Urban Outreach in CT

CTVV Host Susan Regan with Hartford Public Access TV executive director Gil Martinez and Regina Roundtree, founder of Connecticut Black Republicans and Conservatives at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford. Submitted photo CTVV: Benchmarking urban outreach in Connecticut A central objective to re-invigorating the Greater Hartford area and many of Connecticut’s larger cities is the necessity to clearly communicate to urban residents that an understanding of the challenges […]

George E Tuffin

George E. Tuffin 1917 – 2014 By Carol Laun George Tuffin was the quintessential volunteer. He was involved in many aspects of town government, from constable to First Selectman. He served on town boards and on building committees for the Town Hall and Town Garage. He was a member of the Library Board. He was instrumental in organizing the Senior Men’s Breakfast and also drove the Senior Van. He was active in the First Congregational Church. He was a member of St. Mark’s Lo […]

Letter from John Kissel

Do you oppose border tolls? “Border tolls would raise a substantial amount of money for this state.” That’s what the co-chair of the state legislature’s Transportation Committee said recently. So brace yourselves, Granby Drummer readers. The issue of building border tolls has returned at the State Capitol. If built, the tolls could cost between $3 and $7 per car. This could all happen by 2017.  I oppose border tolls. A hearing on the proposal could be held in Hart […]