Benchmarking Urban Outreach in CT

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CTVV Host Susan Regan with Hartford Public Access TV executive director Gil Martinez and Regina Roundtree, founder of Connecticut Black Republicans and Conservatives at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford. Submitted photo

CTVV: Benchmarking urban outreach in Connecticut

A central objective to re-invigorating the Greater Hartford area and many of Connecticut’s larger cities is the necessity to clearly communicate to urban residents that an understanding of the challenges in creating a better quality of life for each individual and all families in today’s economic climate.

Susan Regan, host of CT Valley Views, interviewed Regina Roundtree, founder of Connecticut Black Republicans and Conservatives, and Gil Martinez, executive director of Hartford Public Access TV, to discuss the current status of finding common ground in minority communities. Key to this is to formulate a marketing plan with a clear mission statement, attainable objectives, well-defined strategies and actionable tactics that will successfully meet the needs of urban dwellers.

Roundtree and Martinez provided candid commentary on the respective views of African-American and Hispanic citizens with regard to establishing a rewarding lifestyle to be shared by all state residents and an equal playing field for today’s youth of all cultures.

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