Senator John Kissel Interview

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Senator John A. Kissel (R) District 7 with CTVV Host Susan Regan at the Legislative Office Building. Submitted photo

Senator John Kissel—an honest dialogue with CT Valley Views

Senator John Kissel, (R) 7th District, one of the longest serving senators in the Connecticut State Senate, provides his view of our state’s status and the fiscal hurdles and options confronting the legislature in the 2015 session.

In his interview with CTVV’s host Susan Regan, Senator Kissel, as the new Deputy Minority Leader, discusses potential revenue short falls contributing to the state’s current $100-million-dollar deficit, his position on the use of drones, proposal to re-introduce border tolls, Republican seat gains in the House and Senate and the first woman, Themis Klarides, to be elected House Minority leader. Senator Kissel,  well respected on both sides of the isle, candidly shares his personal commentary on running for Governor in 2018—something a number of his colleagues and constituents have enthusiastically endorsed.

To follow the Senator on his website, go to: and see his public access TV show on Cox Enfield Channel 15 Mondays at 9:30 p.m.