Casting a Ballot in Granby’s Past

by Carol LaunIn the 18th and 19th centuries, Granby voters decided most local questions and elections by a voice vote or a show of hands. For State and National elections, a ballot box was used. In the 1890s, it was decided to vote for local issues by ballot, and this method was used even as late as 1950. The ballot box voting process had quite a few differences from the way we vote today.The Salmon Brook Historical Society has the complete voting record from a special constitutional vote held i […]

​McLean resident tracks family roots back to the 1700s

By Ellen Meuser​When McLean Resident Michael Gorman heard about the wonderful work that Media Center Coordinator Stephen Root was doing in genealogy, he seized the opportunity to learn more about his family’s history. “It turned out to be even more interesting than we initially thought it would be,” said Michael, as he explained his project that spanned several months to complete.Michael’s mother and father both grew up as a single child, so their family unit was sm […]

Glid Doman, pioneer in aviation design

1921 – 2016Glidden Doman, a pioneer in the design of helicopters and wind turbines, passed away June 6.Born in Syracuse, New York, in 1921, he came from a family of inventors and entrepreneurs. He majored in aeronautical engineering at the University of Michigan, and after hearing Igor Sikorsky speak at a Society of Automotive Engineers meeting he became interested in helicopter rotors. In 1943, Doman went to work for Sikorsky in Bridgeport where he participated in intensive experimentation and […]

Passport to Connecticut Libraries “eminently rewarding”

By Virgil PaggenNot long after I moved with my family to North Granby, I happened upon the Frederick H. Cossitt Library, a small outpost in comparison with the West Hartford library I previously frequented. It didn’t take long for Margaret Vastoff, librarian, to acquaint me with all that Cossitt offered; it quickly became a valued resource.Among the 50 states, Connecticut ranks 48th in size; only Delaware and Rhode Island are smaller. However, with more than 260 public libraries, I found t […]

Exhibit focuses on Granby’s children—photographs, toys and textiles

By Jean PotetzThe Salmon Brook Historical Society’s 2016 summer exhibit will focus on Granby children featuring photographs of them, the toys they played with and the clothing they wore. In addition, several quilts will be on display including an embroidered red-work quilt that would delight any child. Many of the quilts are from local Granby families.The entry to the Weed-Enders House will feature a large wooden wagon from the Beman family with a framed photograph of its owner, three-year […]

SBHS Spring Flea is May 14

​By Todd VibertThe Salmon Brook Historical Society is holding its annual Spring Flea Market on Saturday, May 14, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Salmon Brook Historical Society. Forty to 50 vendors will show and sell their wares. Admission and parking is free to the public. Concession offerings include coffee, soda, water, hot dogs, chips and Mrs. Murphy’s donuts. Come and enjoy the festivities at the historical society. Anyone interested in being a vendor and having a 20×20-ft. space […]

American Legion Seaton Award

70 years strongAmerican Legion Post 182 honored Leroy B. Seaton of Granby with the presentation of his 70-year membership certificate. Seaton joined the organization in 1945 at the end of WII.  From l.: Legion members Kyle Korab, Leroy B. Seaton, Joseph Hukill and Warren Markey. Photograph by Paul Willis […]

​The Girls of Granby

Edited by Carol Laun James Lee Loomis has been telling us about Granby boys. It is time to let the girls of Granby speak. Following is information and quotes from interviews I did in the 1970s and 80s. The girls are: Louise Cooley (1881-1983) Edna Spring (1887-1977) Annie Hayes (1888-1973) Lena Clark (1890-1984) Agnes Petersen (1891-1980) Helen Cotton (1892-1986) Helen Clark (1893-1986) and Emelia Dauner (1902-1995). ThanksgivingEdna Spring: “Thanksgiving we had a big dinner with all […]

Granby 1888 to 1895 by James Lee Loomis

Edited by Carol Laun For the next few months I am going to share a paper that James Lee Loomis presented to the Hartford Monday Evening Club in 1968. He was born in 1878, the only son of Chester Peck Loomis and Eliza Harger. Chester P. was co-owner of the Loomis Bros. Store that once dominated Granby Center. James Lee Loomis married Helen Bruce and was well known as an insurance executive, banker and author. He lived in the lovely family home built by his grandfather, Harrison Loomis, at 245 S […]

Remembering Our Granby Soldiers

Remembering Our Granby SoldiersBy Karen Phillips Miller  I returned to my hometown of Granby, after being away for 39 years. Funny, it didn’t seem possible that I could have been gone that long, but I felt a yearning, a swell of homesickness that wouldn’t go away for months on end. So one day last year, I cancelled all my appointments, cleared my schedule completely, and got on an airplane in Jacksonville, Florida. Within a few hours, I was home again, in the town where I spent […]