Remembering Carol Laun

In the June edition of the Granby Drummer, I wrote about Eva Dewey, the curator and archivist for the Salmon Brook Historical Society from 1959 to 1986, who saved much of Granby’s history. In her final nine years she had an invaluable assistant in the archives—Carol Laun, who would go on to transform the Salmon Brook Historical Society into what it is today.

A Backwards Glance

In the 1971 June/July issue, Carol Laun interviewed Tudor Holcomb in one of her early contributions to the Drummer:

Duck & Cover drills remembered

We all remember participating in fire drills in elementary school. Interrupting the lesson, the alarm would blare, and teachers lined up all the students, leading them out to the parking lot or field. While this was an important drill in case of emergency, I always remember the relief from students and frustration from teachers as a lesson was missed.

A Backwards Glance

In June 2003, Jim Hall (pictured above) was given much-deserved recognition for his service to American Legion Post 182 and for organizing Granby’s Memorial Day parade for 33 years. This year we thank Jim for his 51st Memorial Day parade and celebration in a year that desperately needs a drum-thumping, fife-playing outing on the Green.

Eva Dewey: Saving Granby’s Past

Picking up from last month, where we met Bertram Dewey and his career as a rural free delivery man for the U.S. Postal Service in Granby, this month we introduce his wife, Eva, who was equally committed to Granby and public service.

Guard Gate marker installed on Southwick Rail Trail bike path

Friends of the Southwick Rail Trail and Southwick Historical Society Inc recently installed a Guard Gate marker at the Connecticut/Massachusetts border on Southwick’s bicycle path. The marker was provided by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation to provide communities with historic canal markers.