BOS authorizes money for preserving historical documents

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Since the Fiscal Year 2022-23 adopted budget did not include an amount designated for preservation of historical documents, Town Manager Erica Robertson requested the Granby Board of Selectmen to authorize a budget amendment of $5,500 for this purpose.

A grant of that amount is available through the Connecticut State Library Historic Documents Preservation Program, which is used by historians, genealogists, title searchers, attorneys, and ordinary citizens. The program supports municipalities in preserving and managing their most valuable records.

The Town is partnering with COTT Systems to begin on-site scanning and uploading of Volumes 80-105 (1970-1978) land records. This will make title searches much more efficient and will ensure that the documents are preserved. COTT’s Resolution3 Search will allow users to directly access the images by entering the assigned book and page number. Access to the program is by subscription, which costs $2 per page. Title searches usually go back 40 years, but access to further back is even better.

The Town has already preserved records from 1978 to the present.