A Word of Caution—NOT

A recent letter to the editor claims that the Connecticut Republican Assembly is a radical organization and cites its thirteen principles as concerning. I had never heard of this organization so I checked into it.

Salmon Brook eels

The story about the Salmon Brook Monster by Mark Fiorentino in the September Drummer brought back some interesting memories.

Cultured meat research

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a $2 trillion climate plan, that won praise from the previously-critical Sunrise Movement. Unfortunately, so far as I’m aware, the plan does not include funding for cultured-meat research.

Support for Finance Chairman

Finance chairman Mike Guarco always has the best interest of everyone in this town foremost in his mind and heart. For many years, he has kept the Granby ship from sinking through some strenuous waters.

Word of caution

In the race for Connecticut House 62nd District, Audrey Lampert’s opponent Mark Anderson says he is a “compassionate conservative.” But he is not being up front about his very close association with a radical organization, the CT Republican Assembly, a private group not associated with Connecticut government (ctra.us).

Support for Lampert

This November, I’ll be supporting Audrey Lampert in the race for the 62nd state house district. I’ve known Audrey for 17 years, and worked with her as a volunteer on many local projects, including a decade with the Marquis of Granby Fyfe and Drum Corps.

Support for Mark Anderson

Please vote for Mark Anderson for state representative. Here’s all you need to know about Mark: he is a member of the steering committee of No Tolls CT, and was instrumental in the efforts to prevent tolls being imposed on Connecticut drivers.

Citizens’ ideas needed for improving town processes

Hey Granby! If there is a silver lining to 2020, maybe it’s the opportunity to question and reevaluate what works, what matters, and how prepared/ready we are as individuals and as a community to confront our challenges.