Cultured meat research

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a $2 trillion climate plan, that won praise from the previously-critical Sunrise Movement. Unfortunately, so far as I’m aware, the plan does not include funding for cultured-meat research.

Citizens’ ideas needed for improving town processes

Hey Granby! If there is a silver lining to 2020, maybe it’s the opportunity to question and reevaluate what works, what matters, and how prepared/ready we are as individuals and as a community to confront our challenges.

Support for Democrat Candidates

This November’s election comes at an intersection of unique and unprecedented events that give us the opportunity to not only vote our values but also our conscience and show who we truly are.

Spending time in our teachers’ shoes

We are confronting complicated and unsettled times. While the impact of COVID-19 is having a monumental impact worldwide and throughout the nation, our state and community, in particular, have shown significant improvement in terms of the number and severity of cases.

Support for change comes in many forms

The recent article headlined, Granby gathers in a show of support for Black Lives Matter, highlights the passion and determination of Granby residents to enact change not only in our town, but in our nation.